3D Model of the space

A fly-through… this version uploaded in June, 2014 includes a groovy musical sound track and shows our revised floor plan for using the space designed by Scott Bolden and Andrew James, our brilliant 3D-Designer.  The most current floor plans have the toilet rooms in the cellar and the back room as a holo-deck…

We consider this model as a rough template for the general ‘vibe & feel’ we want the room to have; warm, organic and cozy pushing on the edge of fantasy.  The specific design details of the actual space will differ from the 3D model depending on each collaborators input during the design and building process…

We are still accepting fresh design ideas for all aspects of the space but especially for the toilet rooms, the kitchen and various other fixtures through out the space.  Potential collaborative partners may contact us at baumhaus.berlin(at)gmail.com.

4 thoughts on “3D Model of the space

  1. hi scott and karen,
    i got to know you and the baumhaus-project last summer at kater holzig-event.
    i just want to let you know that i find this project such a great contribution! – …to the world, to berlin and of course to wedding …
    i will move to kunkelstrasse (round the corner) next month and one of the reasons is to enjoy being next to you ;-)
    i am very much looking forward to meet at baumhaus and make the world a better place together. i am not a good craftsperson but will contribute with my presence, skills and enthusiasm after having finnished my removal.
    love & flow

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