1 evening, 3 ways to have fun… :: Sa 11.07.15 @ Das Baumhaus

Gerichtstr. 23 VH EG (front house, ground floor)

(auf Deutsch weiter unten!)

This is an evening for new and old members of our growing  Baumhaus community to get introduced to, catch up with and participate in some of our current projects.

18:00 Emergent Berlin festival review and planning meeting – find out what is happening with the festival and how you might like to participate.  Check out the new website (that will be filled up with content soon…)

20:00 Baumhaus design and building meeting – find out what parts of the project there are to work on, join a design, building or support team!

22:00 Chillout and Improv Vocal Groove session – have fun making music together and jamming out on out own improvisational compositions; or just hang out and enjoy the company of all the nice people…

Bring snacks, drinks and good vibes to share.


Ein Abend für Alle, die schon länger im Baumhausprojekt dabei sind oder die neu dazukommen wollen, zum Kennenlernen, Wiedertreffen und Mitmachen in einigen unserer aktuellen Projekte.

18:00 Emergent Berlin Festival Planungstreffen – Infos zum Stand der Dinge und zum Mitmachen

20:00 Design und Baumhausbau Planungstreffen – Infos zum Stand der Dinge und zum Mitmachen

22:00 Chillout and Improv Vocal Groove session – Bleibt, genießt ein Bier, die gute Gesellschaft und hört zu oder macht mit beim Impro-Singen…

Bringt Snacks, Getränke und gute Menschen mit.

Sommerfest, Kleider- & Spielzeugtausch @ Himmelbeet, Samstag 4.7., 15:00 – 20:00

Diesen Samstag ist Sommerfest und Tauschmarkt in unserem wunderschönen Weddinger Nachbarschaftsgarten! Mit dem Tauschring Wedding, Kaffee, Kuchen und Picknick. Klamotten oder Spielzeug tauschen, Nachbarn treffen und Sonne genießen.

If you have no plans for Saturday yet, here is a good one: summer party, picnic and exchange market in our wonderful local neighborhood garden Himmelbeet. Enjoy the sun, plants, music and their great coffee and food… Meet your neighbors an the weddinger exchange circle, bring your old clothes or toys, find new owners for them and new stuff for yourself…

auf der Himmelbeet-Website
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Wir bieten mehrere Praktikumsplätze / We are offering internships

[weiter unten auf deutsch]


We Are Offering Several Transdisciplinary Internship Positions

Join the team of building Berlin’s first hub for sustainable development. Become part of building our 140m2 storefront space and developing the program, events and projects that will run in the Baumhaus after the opening.

You design your own internship: What are your skills and passions and projects you would love to work on? Our goal is to find ways to really work together on what helps grow both you and the Baumhaus.

Every endeavor goes across several areas, as we are a real grassroot project. Be ready to dive into a situation with multiple responsibilities where every part of your work is creating a reality, direct impact on the ground.


Building, Design & Technology

Communications, Media & Marketing

Organizing, Project Management & Administration

Concepts, Program Development & Funding Applications

Full Information



Wir bieten mehrere Praktikumsplätze

Arbeite mit daran, Berlins ersten Hub für nachhaltige Entwicklung aufzubauen, unser 140m2 großes Ladenlokal auszubauen und die Veranstaltungen und Projekte zu planen, die nach der Eröffnung im Baumhaus stattfinden werden.

Du bestimmst dein Praktikum selber: Was sind deine Fähigkeiten, Leidenschaften, Projekte, an denen du gerne arbeiten würdest? Unser Ziel ist es so zusammenzuarbeiten, dass unsere Arbeit sowohl dich als auch das Baumhausprojekt wachsen lässt.

Alle Bereiche in unserem Projekt erfordern ein multidisziplinäres Denken und Handeln. Du kommst in ein echtes Graswurzelprojekt, hast mehrere Aufgaben und hast mit deiner Arbeit direkte Wirkung “on the ground”.






mehr Infos

Volunteer and Office Hour Times Available :: June 17 – July 11

There are many was to participate in the Baumhaus project as: a general helper, a builder, a designer, an artist, photo & video documentation or even help prepare meals for volunteers…

want to help? morning / afternoon / evening

During the next weeks we will prepare the space for the next phase of deconstruction. This will include activities suitable for general volunteers such as:

– moving things around (nothing too heavy)
– cleaning up and reorganizing building materials in the
– taking apart current installations space.

Most work will focus on the back room but we will also do some work in the cellar breaking down a low brick wall and organizing a storage situation.

—-> week of July 6 – July 11 „Preparing the Space“  sign up to help /  jetzt schon eintragen [doodle format – just click the days and times when you can come]

—-> week of June 29 – July 2 „Preparing the Space“  sign up to help /  jetzt schon eintragen [doodle format – just click the days and times when you can come]

—> week of June 22 – 25 :: “Preparing the Space” <—
choose the day and time you can help on doodle:

—> June 17 & 18 :: “Preparing the Space” <—
choose the day and time you can help on doodle:

*We will have snacks and drinks available and maybe even some meals if there are those who would like to bring and help prepare food. Hang-outs afterwards are always welcome…

**Bring clothing that you don’t mind getting dirty, a pair of work gloves if you have them, shoes that you feel safe working in. We will also have gloves, dust masks and other safety gear.

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

Weekly „open office hours“ for discussing and developing projects and collaborations (current & new), 18 – 20:00h :

—> every Weds [Emergent Berlin + events] —> every Thurs [Baumhaus – design + building]

Your Baumhaus Team

Good Bye Baumhaus 1.0! :: A Closing Celebration :: Sa 13.06. @ Baumhaus :: 22:30 – late

Gerichtstr. 23 VH EG / front house, ground floor

[auf deutsch weiter unten…]


On Monday, June 15 we will close down the Baumhaus while we start renovations into the winter. So, if you have not enjoyed the space, vibe and community of Baumhaus 1.0 enough yet, then this is your last chance…

Stop by and meet the many interesting people in our growing network of change-makers and neighbors working together to build a better world right here in Berlin!

Bring your dancing shoes, snacks and a good mood…

Your Baumhaus Team

p.s. you can also sign up to help us prepare for building (15.06. -18.06.)


Ab Montag, 15. Juni, wird das Baumhaus für unsere Renovierungsarbeiten bis in den Winter hinein geschlossen. Wenn du also nicht genug Zeit im Baumhaus 1.0 verbracht hast, dann ist dies deine letzte Chance…

Kommt vorbei, trefft Nachbarn und andere Leute aus unserem Netzwerk, die zusammen hier in Berlin für eine bessere Welt arbeiten.

Packt die Tanzschuhe, Snacks und Freunde ein…

Liebe Gruß,
Eure Baumhausteam

p.s. Mithelfen! aufräumen & Bau vorbereiten (15.06. -18.06.)

First Builders Meeting :: Getting Organized :: Sa 13.06. @ Das Baumhaus :: 20 – 22:30h

Gerichtstr. 23 VH EG / front house, ground floor

(weiter unten auf deutsch)


At last, its time to begin the building phase for Baumhaus 2.0!

This is an open meeting for people who would like to join in building the Baumhaus space this summer and into the autumn. At this meeting you can:

– understand the building concept and timeline
– find out what projects are available to work on
– sign up for builders / designers / helpers mail lists
– ask lots of questions

(you can already sign up to help preparing the space the week of 15.06. – 18.06.):

p.s. we are having a closing celebration party after the meeting:



BUILDING, DESIGN & TECHNOLOGY We are renovating our storefront space and building the ‘indoor tree house’. We will use art, design and technology to create a unique and symbolic space. We want to

build in organic style, think Gaudi plus ‘Lord of the rings’ plus ‘Avatar’. A lot of stuff needs to get designed, developped and built:

– Furniture
– Lighting Fixtures
– technological designs for sentient lighting (arduino, LEDs, motion / proximity sensors)
– Projection Mapping
– Architectural Installations
– Vertical Gardens
– Kitchen
– Bathrooms
– Up-cycled and recycled Products
– Material Research (Wood, Clay, Metal, Glas, up- or recycable materials)
– General decoration & Painting


Und endlich beginnt sie doch: die Bauphase für das Baumhaus 2.0!

Wir laden ein zu einem offenen Treffen für alle, die gerne beim Bauen diesen Sommer und Herbst mitmachen oder unterstützen wollen.

Es geht um das Baukonzept, den Zeitplan, an welchen Projekten wer wie arbeiten will… und natürlich um was auch immer ihr wissen oder besprechen wollt.

(für das Aufräumen und Ausräumen und Abreißen vom 15. – 18.6. könnt ihr euch jetzt schon eintragen)


BAUEN, DESIGN & TECHNIK Wir renovieren unser Ladenlokal und bauen ein „Indoor Baumhaus“. Mit Kunst, Design und Technik schaffen wir einen einmaligen und symbolischen Raum. Wir bauen im organischen Designstyl, à la Gaudi plus ‚Herr der Ringe‘ plus ‚Avatar‘. Wir entwickeln und bauen:

– Möbel
– Beleuchtung
– Technisches Design für sentient lighting (arduino, LEDs, motion / proximity sensors)
– Projection Mapping
– Architektonische Installationen
– Hängende Gärten
– Küche
– Toiletten
– Up-cycled und recycled Produkte
– Materialsuche (Holz, Lehm, Metal, Glas, up- oder recycable Materialien)
– Mahlen

I.G.O. Improvisational Groove Orchestra :: Vocal Workshop #15 :: last session!

„Above and Beyond – Part 2“  :: Gerichtstr. 23, front house, ground floor (VH / EG)

19:30 – doors open, open greeting zone social time

20:00 – warm up and session begin

Here is a small sample of what we did during the first session with Ben Jeffries and the Berlin „Singing In The City“ Meetup group: „Above and Beyond

The mission this week is to continue creating the soundtrack for the upcoming Baumhaus crowd-funding video that will be launched this summer.

After we warm up and listen to a bit of the first session, we will continue to riff on an original song called „Above & Beyond“ as a soulful gospel spiritual-esque jam out groove. Then we will also just open up the sound space to other fun improvisational compositions of the moment…

This promises to be another a highly engaging and fun evening! … And the last session in Baumhaus 1.0 before the renovations begin… No worries, we will meet in the great outdoors in some sessions this summer!

Info and details for how this workshop normally works ( EN / DE )

*Please try to come before 8 when we start warming up so you don’t interrupt the flow…

OSCE Days :: [CHALLENGE] Nutrient-Recycling-Toilet (Workshop) :: 11.06. @ Das Baumhaus 11-14h

The challenge: Design compost toilets that comply to standards for public spaces


Toiletten gehören zur essentiellen Hardware, die wir in Zukunft brauchen werden, um eine Lösung für Probleme wie peak-Phosphat zu finden, indem wir die Kreisläufe zwischen Landwirtschaft (Dünger) und Abwasser schließen. Ich möchte Eco-Toi u.ä. gewinnen, mit uns an einer Version ihrer Kompost-Toilette zu arbeiten, die öffentlich aufgestellt werden kann, z.B. auf beliebten Plätzen wie dem Mauerpark-Flohmarkt. Es müssen also Probleme wie Hygienestandards, Langlebigkeit, einfache und Wartung, und intuitive Nutzersteuerung (damit sie die Dinger richtig benutzen) gelöst werden.  mehr info…



During the OSCE Days 2015 in Berlin, we want to work on the challenges we face on the way to an open source prototype for a public nutrient-recycling toilet. Feel free to join and share your ideas!  Creating an economy for the nutrient cycle is one of the most urgent and underestimated issues in the coming years. Especially peak-phosphate is a phenomenon that is as overlooked as it is pressing. Phosphate is a mineral all living things on earth need in a far greater quantity than is available in the untreated earth’s crust. This means that we need to either recycle it or, as it is currently and very unsustainably done, add it artificially from mining sources that deplete rapidly and are located in unstable or dictatorial countries, most of it in China.  more info…

Organizing Emergent Berlin 2015 – Open Office Day :: Wednesday June 10th 18:00 – 21:00

Come by, get more information and help on the spot to collaboratively organize our grassroot summer festival for local changemakers in Berlin!


After two public planning meetings, we have lots of wonderful ideas and concepts, the date is fixed (first weekend of september), enough spaces are found and the structure is set (short presentations, workshops, welcome & meeting space, music, food…).

Now it’s time to start the real work. We will:

• start forming working groups for different program areas of the festival, planning in detail what needs to get done and creating framworks and work packages for volunteers

• start setting up the website, go through last years texts and images and write new texts and calls for participation

• start creating hand-made posters. we’ll have some stuff here, but you’re very welcome to bring your own paint and tools and materials

Feel free to come by our open office day and join with whatever you would love to work on…

Wednesday, 10th of June, 18:00 – 21:00

Adress: Gerichtstr. 23, front building 3rd floor – doorbell „Wohlert / Bolden“

Emergent Berlin Planning Meeting No2 :: Fr 05.06. – 18h @ Das Baumhaus

Who wants to join organizing Emergent Berlin 2015?

We would like to invite you to join us on Friday, June 5th 18:00 @ Baumhaus for General Meeting No2.  (graphic Illustration courtesy of Coline Robin)

At this meeting, there will be a presentation of the Content group and a Brainstorming on the Content:

Which projects should we ask to present, what kind of workshops, who did you do a workshop with that was really good, which musicians should we ask, what kind of movies should we screen that inspire and inform people to grow sustainable urban cultures in Berlin…

If you guys bring some food, we could even have a potluck dinner!

PS: Planning Meeting No1: on facebook / on our website