How did you get the idea?

It all started in Scott & Karen’s flatshare. Their place became a meeting point for neighbors and we got a taste of what is possible when there is a space where people from different ‘scenes’ feel comfortable to meet and exchange  – not just artists and designers (more Scott’s background), or students and activists (more Karen’s background), or neighborhood families, or carpenters, or travellers, but all of them. We realized we need more spaces that are about connecting with other people who are in the same city and want to collaborate for change.

So we were dreaming of a public space, something like a café, but more like a ‘face-to-face-facebook/Linkedin’ for sustainability in Berlin. The ground floor space in our apartment building seemed like a great space for it – except one flaw: a big column in the middle. But then Scott thought of the column as a ‘tree’, and building the space as a ‘tree house’, which served as a symbol for a good and a bit of magic space, and catalyzed the collaborative process of developing the concrete plan for what kind of space is missing in the city. A tree house is a place in the neighborhood where all the kids come together to build a special place for special experiences.

How are you financing the project?

The project never was really well financed – we just started, and got lots of help and support along the way, several times in last minute unexpected ways. All events and project groups are based on lots of volunteer labor. For building the space, we got some funding for paying the rent and materials (by crowdfunding, private loans and donations, plus Scott & Karen got a private bank loan), but besides some basic professional work (electricity, plumbing…) building the space as well is based pretty much entirely based on volunteer labor – from architects to neighbors. We are financing the space mostly by small donations and by renting the space out.

What can I do to help and join?

Write us an email and tell us what you’d love to do most – we believe that’s the best way to find mutual supportive situations. Also, a good way to start is to just drop by on a Thursday afternoon starting at 4 or 5pm and help setting up and cooking for the “Neighborhood Afternoon”. For more ways to help and join check out our “Participate”-Page

Can our local group have a room for our weekly meetings?

What we can offer is space for one meeting, or for a workshop or public event organised by your group. Get in touch, and we’ll figure something out! Unfortunately we can not reserve weekly meeting spaces for a single group. We want to keep the use of the space flexible and available for a broad range of groups…

Can I come and visit the Baumhaus with my seminar/youth or social entrepreneur exchange group?

In general yes – we love to have visitors and exchange with people from other places. However, if we would give all the (unpaid) tours we get asked for, we had no time to get our work done, so please be understanding if we might have not have the capacity to accomodate your request.

Can you help me setting up a Baumhaus-Space in another city?

We’d love to – especially as soon as we have our own Baumhaus fully build and smoothly running.. But we’re always up for a phone call or coffee, to exchange some ideas and share some experiences and methods.