At the moment we are converting a 140m2 store front in Berlin’s district Wedding into a multifunctional project and event space. The building process begins in summer 2015 and the projected opening date is in the first quarter of 2016.  Das Baumhaus will be a place for neighbors and local changemakers to meet, exchange and collaborate. The lease is secure until at least 2023…

You can find pics from the construction side and updates about the building process  on facebook or on our blog.

Help Design and Build

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Project Indoor Tree House

We want to build a full scale indoor tree house. Our vision, a 3D-Model and more infos: HERE

Projekt Permakultur und Vertikale Gärten

More Infos: HERE

Projekt Lehmwände

More Infos: HERE

Benötigte Dinge

We’re looking for building materials, knowledge and skills.. More Infos: HERE