A Vision Worth Making Happen! Updates, News and Action…

The Baumhaus grand opening will be on the weekend of September 23-25 as a part of our Annual Emergent Berlin Festival.

In June, we built the engineering prototype, documented it and unbuilt it so we can get it approved and rebuilt in January.

We can ONLY realize this with YOUR HELP. We need to get at least 15.000€ through our crowd-funding to make this happen. Please chip in 5€, the price of 2 beers, or almost a trip there and back on the U-Bahn… What is it worth to you to help us create a space we can all use everyday to make the world a better place.

EN https://www.startnext.com/en/baumhausberlin
DE https://www.startnext.com/baumhausberlin

We have done all we can do… now we need your help to reach our goal until AUGUST 9!

Please ask your friends and family to contribute adn if they need convincing show them our short 2 min film “It’s Not Too Late…”:

In the meantime, here is what else got done:

• The sound-proof ceiling finsihed being installed

• We prototyped our upcycled magnetic clay wall concept

• We had our 7th Vertical and Permaculture garden meeting focussing on Vermiculture, making fertile soil with worms and compost. next meeting is 27.07 on plant selection.

• Pop Chor Berlin did a rehearsal and recorded our theme song plus a new one we improvised together. Next improv singing event is 04.08.

• Every week, we got a delivery form our local bio-farmer as part of our neighborhood CSA group.

• On the same day, Radio Eins broadcasted live from the Baumhaus all day, while we worked on design details for the bar and bathrooms. Later that evening we had our Soli-party with Dr. Alex Paterson form the Orb. We listen to his set while we work. Dr Alex will come back on Sept 24th and play our grand openign party at Panke e.V. in our building! LISTEN TO OUR INTERVIEW HERE (auf Deutsche!):

• We made good progress tiling the floors in the kitchen and toilet rooms.

• We hosted an event with Silke Gebel from the Green Party of Berlin and our partners Himmelbeet community garden and Wedding Wandler (local transition town network) about how to make our neighborhood ‘Zero Waste’ .

• We also hosted a hack-a-thon with our lighting team and several other participants as part of the Tech Open Air fetstival. We designed our manufacturing process for floor sensors that we will build, we defined some lighting scenarios for our sentient lighting, we prototyped the lighting for our glass mosaic art work and we installed the new wireless controller into the Orchid Lamp.

• Hilke brought by more rescued food to add to what we got from The Real Junk food Project so we can feed our volunteers healthy food.

Join In to help build the space and the program THIS and the NEXT WEEKS:


We will be:

Doing design work on the bar, building the interior of the kitchen, doing design work on the back room and planning mosaic work… Plus a whole lot more!

p.s. FLUX fm will be here during the day Weds 27.07.2016 from 9:30 until 11:00 in the morning to check us out, do interviews with our helpers and do a story on our crowd-funding!

Tech Open Air Fest :: Sentient Lighting an Indoor Tree House & Other Fun

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 13.12.40

When: Friday 15.07.16 13:00 – 19:00

Where: Baumhaus Berlin, Gerichtstrasse 23, 13347 Berlin

Price: FREE

We are developing various different lighting installations for Das Baumhaus that will be reactive to visitors of the space as well as pre-programable and manual options. All the installations will communicate with each other via bluetooth and be triggered by sensors in the floor and the locations.

We are looking for hackers, designers, engineers, builders, makers and artists who would like to participate in a day long hack-a-thon to help develop some more installations.

Some of the lighting projects we are working on will be installed in the Baumhaus when it opens September 23, 2016.  Other installations will be continuously installed over the next year.  Participants in this workshop are invited to join our all volunteer lighting team to develop new lighting installations and products.  There are also many other different ways to join the general Baumhaus project…

Current lighting projects include

• Orchid Lamp – one is done, 2 more are planned (aesthetic design, building, programming)


• Achiele Flower Lamp – Still needs programming


• Isaac Abrams sandblasted glass panels – Building the frame and lighting it


Please let us know to expect you by booking FREE ticket on eventbrite.

This event is part of Tech Open Air festival. To learn more about TOA16 and book your conference tickets, visit toa.berlin.

An interview with social entrepreneur and activist Daniel Hires

As part of our final push we have added some special new rewards to our crowdfunding featuring some nice offerings from social entrepreneur and activist Daniel Hires who has supported the Baumhaus from early on.

We sat down with him to share some of his thoughts on how to make the world a better place through Das Baumhaus and why he thinks people should support us!

14.07.16 :: Wie kommen wir weiter mit “Zero Waste” in Berlin und unserer Nachbarschaft?


Wo: himmelbeet, Ruheplatzstr. 12, 13347 Berlin

Wann: Donnerstag 14.07.16 – 19.30 – 21.00

Wie “Zero Waste” können wir leben? Was können wir im Wedding als Teil der Nachbarschaft und Zivilgesellschaft machen? Welche Rahmenbedingungen muss die Politik im Land setzen, um Berlins Müllberg zu reduzieren?

WeddingWandler, Baumhaus und die beiden grünen Landespolitikerinnen Antje Kapek (Fraktionsvorsitzende) und Silke Gebel (umweltpolitische Sprecherin) laden ein zum Austausch und Brainstorming ins sommerliche himmelbeet Low Waste Café. Wissende, Engagierte und Interessierte sind herzlich willkommen!

Als Input wird Silke Gebel ihre Thesen zu Zero Waste in Berlin vorstellen, und über den Stand der Dinge und mögliche Ansatzpunkte in Berlin informieren. WeddingWandler und Baumhaus engagieren sich zum Thema Zero Waste in ihrer Nachbarschaft. Nachdem sie gemeinsam mit dem himmelbeet den EU-Award für ihren Beitrag zur Europäischen Woche der Abfallvermeidung gewonnen haben, soll es jetzt weitergehen. Auf der Veranstaltung wollen sie ihre neue lokale Zero Waste Initiative vorstellen, diskutieren und Ideen sammeln.

**** Hintergrundinfo: Zero Waste für Berlin *****

In Berliner Privathaushalten laden jährlich mehr als 800.000 Tonnen Siedlungsabfälle in den Tonnen. 70% davon werden verbrannt und nur energetisch genutzt. Bei jeder Verpackung, die im Mülleimer landet, geht Energie verloren, Ressourcen werden verbraucht und die Umwelt belastet. Zero Waste ist das Konzept der Abfallvermeidung – Ressourcen werden werden wiederverwendet und möglichst geschlossene Kreisläufe geschaffen.

Zero Waste für eine Stadt mit 3,5 Millionen Einwohner*innen, das klingt nach einer verrückten Idee. Aber Schritte zu Zero Waste wären durchaus gangbar. Warum zum Beispiel gibt es kein Mehrwegsystem für Coffee-To-Go-Becher á la Festivalbecher, was vom Land unterstützt wird? Und warum werden Alt-Elektrogeräte auf den Wertstoffhöfen direkt verschrottet und keinem Funktionstest unterzogen?

Zero Waste ist in erster Linie Abfallvermeidung, denn der beste Abfall ist der, der gar nicht erst anfällt. Und es ist sogar europäische und deutsche Gesetzgebung mit der sogenannten Abfallhierarchie, nach der die Vermeidung der Abfälle oberste Priorität, gefolgt von Weiternutzung und Recycling hat. Erst dann ist die Verbrennung mit einem hohen Heizwert gestattet. Letztere Regelung wird wohl demnächst gekippt werden, Recyclingunternehmen und Umweltverbände hatten auf Einhaltung der Abfallhierarchie geklagt und moniert, dass zu viel Müll verbrannt wird.

Denn so sieht es auch in der Berliner Realität aus: Der Haus- und Gewerbemüll wird verbrannt. Für einen kurzen Moment wird zwar Energie erzeugt, langfristig wird aber vor allem die „Ressource Kunststoff“ zerstört, für deren Herstellung Erdöl genutzt wird. Hier ist die aktuelle Abfallbilanz des Landes Berlin aus dem Jahr 2014.

Facebook Event

Volunteers At The Heart of The Project

VIDEO (German language with english sub titles)

The Power of Volunteers! We still need your help!

Meet Sascha, a warm-hearted regular guy who has helped the project on and off for more than a year now. The vast majority of what has been done around the Baumhaus has been done by volunteers. Over 125 volunteer hours on average each week helping with everything from designing, building, developing event programming, cooking, documenting in text, video and imagery!


New people are always welcome sign up here to help out this coming week (KW 28) July 11 – July 15

(let us know if you can only make it on the weekends so we can plan some special sessions)

This week, kitchen & bathroom floor tiles will get installed by Yehea Ahmed, a tile expert from Syria who we can learn from. +


• shopping for tile glue and supplies
• clearing up space in kitchen and baths
• front walls clear for electrician
• drawing and sketching ideas for bar and back room
• KLAUS – bike repair from 5 until 7 & an introduction to his building peace course at 8


• we need a group of 10 people go to the Stattbad at 10 in the morning to gather tiles, wood, sinks, door hinges and other cool stuff
• someone from FLUX fm will be here to record some interviews and short statements to be edited together for a crowd-funding push story they will broadcast this Thursday
• the electrician will start installing cables in the front of the main room starting early
• Frank the architect will be here at 1
• Yehea Ahmad, our Syrian tile expert will start installing tiles in the kitchen and be finished with everything before the next Monday
• Baumhaus Solidarity Küfa with Wedding Wandler at 7pm, bring food and drinks to share
WEDS (we need people help pick up and spread our postcards and the good word on social media during our last week of crowd-funding all week long!)

Chip in 5 to keep the dream alive!

• continue helping Yehea with the tiling all week
• the changer hangout + other events

THURS (work all day, work/play all evening)

Our collaborative Zero waste event at Himmelbeet community Garden from 3 until 7
• Open office hours at Baumhaus from 7 until

FRIDAY (work all day, work/play all evening)

• On Friday from 2-7 we have invited people to come by to help with lighting installations then chill as part of this year’s Tech Open Air event.




SIGN UP TO HELP KW 29 (July 18 – July 22)

• wood mosaic, lots of sanding and shaping of wood for pieces on bar and backroom wall
• start the interior design process for men’s toilet room
• prepare to assemble the stairs to the back door exit
• prepare materials for constructing samba stairs in the back room

Vertical Gardening Meeting VII Recap

fresh compost

On Tuesday, June 28th we had an open meeting in our treehouse to work on two of our vertical gardening systems. One of them is the hydroponic “Lush Jungle” system where plants will cover a large surface on the wall. The other one is the “vermiculture system”, a compost system with worms.

In the last few weeks, Miriam and Tim, both Urban Garden and Free Space Management students at local Beuth University, calculated which plants work well for the big hydroponic system. Anna looked up pictures online and cut them out so we could place them next to each other to design the garden. But there were more suggestions for plants delivered this evening. The two experts explained why the system had to be homogenous and simple and why flowering plants are a bad idea. Eventually, we will select five final plants which we will cut out on the computer so we can design the garden. The whole system should be ready by the end of August/beginning of September. In a next step we also have to think about setting up the watering system in the cellar.

The vermiculture group was very blessed to have Hany Elkhodary, Co-founder of Würmer Hof, come all the way from Frankfurt Oder to meet and help out with the worm compost system. He had some valuable insights for us: Give the worms some leaves to balance the carbon/nitrogen levels. Separate the soil from the worms by holding a light over the soil, then scrape away the first layer and so on. We should also cut the kitchen scraps into pieces. Worms won’t travel from one box to another, we should just duplicate the same system in the other box.

Next up: Get the worm gang together, harvest some fresh compost, find a way to chop the kitchen waste in a WG-friendly way.

our expert Hany
“You’ve got to feel it!”