Using OSCE days to transform EMERGENT BERLIN 2016

This year, we will participate in the Open Source Circular Economy Days (OSCE Days) on June 12 and 13 and use the time to plan how we can make the Emergent Berlin festival (September 23-25) an open source and zero waste event. On Tuesday, May 17th we had our first open meeting in which we, e.g. people from Makesense Berlin, Zwischenraumfestival and das Baumhaus (amongst others), stormed our brains and came up with ideas.

Here is the Keynote  presentation of the night.

And our mind map with first ideas.
Find out more about our challenge here:

Find out more about OSCE here:

Das Baumhaus featured on Heimat Journal

TV station rbb included Das Baumhaus on “Heimat Journal” in a program on the projects happening on Gerichtstr. in Wedding!

Check out the video below not only to see Das Baumhaus, but also to learn about the other interesting projects going on here on our street.
Das Baumhaus segment begins at 20mins.

rbb post image

Improv Vocal Workshop :: 26 May :: 20:00

IMG_5730Improvisational Groove Orchestra (I.G.O.) – a fun way to experience authentic connection and community through exploring a commonly created sound space. (links to examples below)

We meet every other Thursday to listen, respond, observe and curiously play with the sounds our voices create together. Our objective is to tune into the common feeling we are developing in the present moment.

Most of what we do is with our eyes closed. This allows everyone to be very focussed on only the sound space without any other distractions…

At each session we usually have an equal number of beginners and experienced singers; all levels and voice types are welcome. Scott will explain a few basic and intuitively understandable concepts to make it super easy to dive in and be jamming out within the first 1/2 hour.

It is a learning process in progress, each time balancing ourselves in volume and expression to merge into the group sound space, allowing everyone to hear and be heard, naturally developing our own musical styles.

The last times we explored further into the human sequencer game – a system where one person acts as a conductor, splitting the group into small parts, giving each small group unique impulses that than develop into one composition.

Feel most welcome to come and join us!  (please be on time, there are important things to explain before beginning)

20:00: meet-&-greet and hangout

20:30: start warming up!

• You can find recent and older tracks from previous IGO session in Das Baumhaus here:

• Here is a video showing another fun method with larger groups:

The address is Gerichtstr. 23 in the front house on the ground floor, you can walk in our door from the sidewalk. Please bring healthy snacks to share, we will have some drinks in the fridge on a donation basis, we also have hot water for tea & coffee.

* This is a free event for now, but we please ask you to generously donate whatever you feel the experience is worth.  All your donations go toward helping us pay the rent while we build Das Baumhaus this Spring and Summer.  What is Das Baumhaus?

** Please also consider making a donation to our crowd-funding campaign so we can complete the Baumhaus to officially open in September.  If everyone who reads this donates 5€ and spreads the word we can really make this a crowd effort!

*** If you would like to help us finish building and designing Das Baumhaus then go here:


Exclusive Interview :: Aftab Omer, President of Merdian University :: Berlin Symposium Sat 21 May

Check out this premier of an exclusive video interview with Aftab Omer, the president of Meridian University talking about his experience at Emergent Berlin Fest 2015. (english language)

He was in Berlin last year and now he is back to host a Participatory Symposium and Inquiry this Saturday, May 21!  Only a few days left to get a 10% discounted (65€) ticket for the symposium “Imagination and Social Healing: Learning to Share Our Worlds” –  guided by a team of 6 facilitators and 15 presenters (including Scott form Baumhaus!)
Meridian 1
Check out the Symposium content here
Get your 10% discounted ticket by booking through the Baumhaus crowd funding
Meridian 2

Our Crowdfunding is LIVE!


Our crowd-funding is officially LIVE online now! Our first featured prize is quite limited, 10% off 10 tickets for a participatory symposium in Neukölln hosted by Meridian University in just 10 days from now…

Sat 21 May – “Imagination and Social Healing: Learning to Share Our Worlds” The main question being addressed: How can we come together to transform our thinking, and our culture, if we each see a different reality?

Book it out here
More info here.

(if you get one of the 10 tickets we are offering on startnext, please be sure to email us for your registration code)

There are Lots of other cool rewards including pre-booking the space and some new ones we will post throughout our campaign.

Using OSCE Days 2016 (Open Source Circular Economy) to transform Emergent Berlin 2016


We are pleased to announce the first meeting for this year’s Emergent Berlin festival of sustainable initiatives on Tuesday, May 17 from 20-22:00 at Das Baumhaus, Gerichtstr. 23.  This will just be a kick-off warm up gathering to bring old and new faces together and exchange general visions and ideas.

This year, we will participate in the OSCE Days on June 12 and 13 and use the time to plan how we can make the Emergent Berlin festival (September 23-25) an open source and zero waste event. 

Find out more about our challenge here

Find out more about OSCE here.

Wedding’s Zero Waste Week Wins EU-Award !


Today, Weddingwandlerhimmelbeet and Baumhaus won the EU-Award for last year’s Zero Waste Week in Wedding. Big thanks & gratulations to Signe Heins, founding member of Baumhaus-Verein, and to Meike Stark from Himmelbeet, who are both part of WeddingWandler, for putting together such a great program, and for you passion about this topic! We’re looking forward to more Zero Waste projects in Baumhaus and beyond…

Here‘s some more info about Zero Waste Week and the award.

Active Art Salon Nr. 6 :: Feedback

21 people, 4 rounds of provocateurs, lots of creative exploration, tons of good conversations, plentitudes of insights, great quantities of fun and laughs plus some healthy portions serious focussed engagement etc… Which, hopefully, will all make more sense when the podcast comes out. Until then, you can always reference the original invite and intent.

… or stop by the next one…

1 Big “Thank You!” to everyone who was there to help create a beautiful evening of satisfying connection with ourselves and each other…