Faces – Looking Back and Forward to the rest of April 2018

A bit of everything coming up these next 2 weeks including: Tech Team Night (nerds unite!), Thursday Community Networking nights, Beer Brewing, Plants and Party, Panke Flea Market Dj gig, Active Building Sessions, Organic Jam Sessions, Poetry Workshop, Super Social Sunday + Open Calls for participation…

18.04. – Open Tech Team Meeting

19.04. – Community Night, Buffet, Quick Pitches, Vocal Jam Session

21.04. – Beer Brewing Workshop

21.04. – Plant & Party

22.04. – Panke Flea Market (Baumhaus will have a table there)

23.-25.04. – Active Building Sessions

25.04. – FLOW musical meditation and Jam Session

26.04. – Poetry Workshop (DE)

26.04. – Community Night, Buffet, Quick Pitches, Vocal Jam Session

29.04. – Super Social Soli Sunday Brunch

+ OPEN CALL for Collaborations

Sights & Sounds From People, Projects, Events :: March 13 – 31

More progress on all fronts the last half of March including collaborative building and design sessions, some really great community networking nights, some great sound recordings from our I.G.O. vocal improv meditative jam sessions, workshops, presentations and general good vibes… More on the Horizon:
Thursday Community Networking Night
• Apr 5 – https://www.facebook.com/events/405978876492386/
• Apr 12 – https://www.facebook.com/events/1467561576687805/
Latest I.G.O. Sound recordings
• Sunday, Apr 15
Super Social Soli Sunday Brunch – inspiring and supporting each other to make some of the basic changes in our lives actually happen by doing them together!
• Entire Month of April – Collaborative Building Sessions :: Check out our open call for participation doing the stuff you love to do, write us a note and we will find some time to meet!
**Special thanks to Reda Youssef for helping to take some great photos during our community nights and to Charles at The Forsberg for the nice community bar tending workshop!

Busy Hosting Some Great Organizations

We have been pretty busy since Nov 2017 until now hosting all sorts of great events. A big thanks to our patrons including Brot für die Welt​, COB1​, Oikocredit Deutschland​, Journey 2 Creation​, Slow Food Youth Deutschland​, UN Climate German Youth Delgation, BUNDjugend​, Europa-Universität Flensberg, Gemeinwohl-Ökonomie​ and the several other smaller but important gatherings of good people doing great work.

Our regular Spring schedule in between space rentals and project work:

• Every Thursday – Community Networking Night: 16:00 – 22:00

• On going – Open call for participation in collaborative projects

• Last Weds of every month – FLOW meditative jam session

+ ask about joining our regular KlimaKollektiv gatherings and workshops on Tuesdays starting March 27…

272 Images from events, mid Nov – mid Feb

Also available on Facebook

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Collaborative Sustainable Design In Action – Join In!

In January of 2018 Baumhaus was commissioned by BUNDjugend to build a large “witches kettle” to be used as a theatrical prop during the Wir haben es satt demonstration for sustainable agriculture. Since the prop was only going to be used for 1 day, we designed it in a modular way so it could be partially disassembled, re-configured and then permanently installed into the interior of the Baumhaus. We even figured out a cool way to up-cycle old wooden veggie boxes that normally get thrown away!

Check out our progress so far and feel free to let us know if you would like to join in with these or any number of other practical sustainable projects and actions we have going on. Write us a mail to let us know what super powers you would like to share to make the world a better place right here in Berlin.

Here are a list of activities we will be engaged in over the next months and the details for how to participate…

If you want to check out things in person first then feel free to drop by any Thursday between 16:00 and 22:00 during our community networking evening and all you can eat bio-buffet…: http://www.baumhausberlin.de/en/event/bio-buffet-improvisational-groove-orchestra-vocal-jam-session/?instance_id=10525

Thursday Night Community Nights, the many faces and phases

Our Community Night brings together all sorts of good people to engage in collaboratively supporting each other in making the world a more balanced place now. We are very happy that there always seems to be such a great vibe in the space so thanks to everyone who helped to make it happen over the past few months!

Join us any Thursday.