Screen Shot 2017-02-11 at 19.40.06Participate in a 1-day practical building experience with our friends from “Earthship Biotechture Duetschland”, the platform for alternative building, learning and living. The workshop will be organized by Hery and Lale from Down2Earth and enable you to experience communal building, creating something with your hands and possibly realizing skills you didn’t even know you had!


02.02. Community Night At Baumhaus Berlin + Guerrilla Printing Workshop!


Stop by today or any Thursday between 17:00 until 22:00 during our community day to hear all the stories and find out how you can take part in continuing the Baumhaus story.

Of course this week’s Baumhaus community day will feature our regular rescued bio food buffet hosted by The Real Junk Food Project: Berlin and Foodsharing Berlin, but we also have a special print your own stuff workshop for you to enjoy!


Since we finally printed the limited run of organic cotton t-shirts as rewards from our successfull crowd-funding campaign last year, we decided to share the art. Coost from Czentri Fuga ( ), social printers will be set up at the Baumhaus to print our new t-shirt design on whatever you would like to print on! Bring your old bags, shirts, pants or whatever and give them a Baumhaus makeover. Make a donation of your choice to support either project if you like.

We will also have only 2 or 3 extra of each t-shirt color in each size (s, m, l, xl) to purchase in support of the Baumhaus for €30.( screen design by Susan Sanford )

Feel most welcome to come and join us in the Open Greeting Zones!
16:00 Stop by to help cook

17:00 Baumhaus open speaking hours (get informed, involved and collaborate)

18:00 printing starts

19:45 RJFPB intro, open pitches, BH news

20:00 recued bio food buffet (donation/Spenden)

20:30: meet-&-greet and hangout

21:30: printing ends

The address is Gerichtstr. 23 in the front house on the ground floor, you can walk in our door from the sidewalk. We will have some all kinds of drinks available at the bar.

** 2 – 5€ suggested donation at the door (after 19:00)

Next week we have another IGO vocal jam session:
• You can find recent and older tracks from previous IGO session in Das Baumhaus here: – (Track 3)
• Here is a video showing another fun method with larger groups:



Stop by any weekday between 11 and 20:00 to help with the detailing… We really need your help during our (hopefully) last 4 weeks of renovations!  Check the Baumhaus Calendar for specific dates and times.

Sentient Light wins VDI competition “Mensch und Technik”

And the winner is…

VDI Winning Team
VDI Winning Team – Prof. Hausburg with Matthias Bock, Florian Schwanz, Thee Vanichangkul & Long Pham

The team designed and built sensors into the Baumhaus main room floor to detect the presence and movement of people in the space and a control a system that allows people to influence the lighting in the space (the tree, Orchid Lamps and other installations) in purposeful and emergent ways.

The Baumhaus Sentient Light project convinced the jury and was awarded with the first price. None of us expected this kind of success. Even more we are all happy receiving this appreciation for our work.

In a brief speech Prof. Hausburg summed up the project as the integration of a technical solution in a social environment which directly reflects people’s dynamics and interactions.

Like the year before the Association of German Engineers (VDI) called for participation of engineering students from Berlin an Brandenburg on challenge Mensch und Technik (people and technology). Until 30 September 2016 teams of up to three students could hand in a poster and a brief description of a project having a strong connection to both people and technology.


Mid November VDI announced that our team is invited to the award ceremony – yeah! On 25 November the award ceremony took place at Ludwig Erhard Haus near Berlin Zoologischer Garten.
Team Sentient Light and prof. Hausburg
At the beginning of the event the most successful graduates of technical classes in Berlin and Brandenburg were honored. Speakers of the VDI emphasized the challenges to address and solve challenges of the modern and connected city. Presindet of Technische Hochschule Brandenburg (University of Applied Sciences) – Prof. Dr. Wieneke-Toutaoui – also outlined today’s possibilities as an engineering stundent to make the world a better place. In this context she also mentioned the increased but nonetheless low amount of female students in engineering.

Other speakers appealed to the students’ entrepreneurial spirit. One quote by Reid Hoffman stayed in memory

„If you are not embarassed by the first version of your product, you’ve launched to late.“

– Reid Hoffman, Co-Founder of LinkedIn

After that the top three award-winning teams were announced. At this point we did not yet not know which place we would be.

In reverse order the teams were asked to come on stage: third place went to a team of two students who made use of an Aldebaran Nao robot in order to translate spoken language into sign language. The second price went to one student who developed a technique to reduce airplane noise by using liners.

Finally all the three teams had the opportunity to present their concepts and posters in details and were able to answer questions. The increased interest in our project motivated us to present the different aspects in more detail.

Let us know if you are interested in joining our award winning Tech Team and help finish installing elements of our sentient lighting system or interesting projects we are developing.

Sentient Light Helper Poster

Sentient Light: project vision

Sentient Light is a generic system which reactively controls LEDs. Using parameters from the surroundings, such as the presence and motion of people moving in the space, the system can change the color and intensity of light installations throughout the room. This makes the room is ‘intelligent’ in the sense that it can react to the behaviour of people in the space.  We hope is that this technology can be used passively and actively by visitors to inspire more sentient and emergent behaviour.

The project is currently being realized in Baumhaus Berlin. Das Baumhaus is a project and event space in Berlin Wedding where people can meet, collaborate and work on social and ecological projects and other topics related to sustainable development and making the world a better place in general.  Baumhaus also offers services from a sustainable solutions collective of over 100 interdisciplinary freelancers.


The general idea is to measure environmental parameters using sensors and to transfer measured values to a central processing device. There all the values will be aggregated and transformed by a mapping engine.

Transformed values in turn will be sent to actors which will use them as input values.

Bluetooth Smart

Sensors, actors and the processing device communicate via radio signals using Bluetooth Smart and span a network of things. It features a simple protocol stack and low energy consumption and is supported by most smartphones and tablets.


Getting Back Active :: Transformation 2017

IMG_5352Just before Christmas, I over stressed my back while moving things in the Baumhaus and ended up activating an old painful injury.  The good news is that despite the physical pain, I had the best Christmas and New Years I have had in a very long time!  My heartfelt thanks go out to everyone who stopped by to help out, hang out, cook, celebrate, play, dance, clean, build and plan.  While I am not 100% recovered from my injury, I am improving daily thanks to the sensitive and precise body work done by Collin and Nicole in combination my renewed sense of discipline towards self maintenance and transformation. -Sb

Join us in the spirit of getting back active:
Th/Do 5 Jan
• 13:00 – 17:00 light organising & building
• 17:00 – 19:00 open house chill, socialise, plan
• 19:30 – 22:00 rescued bio-buffet, announcements and news, connect
• 19:00 – 21:00 Getting Unstuck – come play Reka Livits’ unsticking game
to get you on track for starting the year out right
Sa 7 Jan
• 19:00 – 22:00 Experimental Acoustic Electric Jam Session
Feat: Şafak Velioğlu improvising live Tar and the traditional eastern instruments while being dubbed into dj tracks
So 8 Jan
• 13:00 – 19:00 art, design, building and decoration session
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Last Collaborative Building Sessions in 2016

IMG_4132DEC 12 – 23

Come by and join us any day (schedule below) – no special skills required but you must have basic health insurance for our to cover you as well. Everyday is an opportunity to transform the space and yourself…

We will be having fun:
• general finishing using upcycled / recycled wood and other ecological building materials
• constructing and decorating organic interior facades
• painting surfaces – general & decorative
• building and installing small finishing details with wood, clay, ceramic mosaic, textiles and lighting
• cooking for the team
• general cleaning
• documenting and sharing the process

* if people volunteer to cook we can have meals each day

Sa 10.12.
14 – 20:00 general WORK session
21:00 – chill and soiree – stop by for a nice candle light hang out

So 11.12.
15 – 20:00 general WORK session

Di 13.12.
11:00 – 21:00 general WORK session

Mi 14.12.
11 – 21:00 general WORK session

Do 15.12.
11 – 17:00 general WORK session
17 – 19:00 Baumhaus Community Day, open speaking hours
19:15 project updates and quick pitches
19:30 rescued bio food buffet by The Real Junk Food Project: Berlin & Foodsharing Berlin
20:30 Improvisational Groove Orchestra (voacal improv jam)

Fr 16.12.
12:00 – 19:00 general WORK session

Sa 17.12. Economadia Day from 9:00 – 18:00 :: Building sustainable communities for people who can or would like to work from anywhere…

Sa 17.12. Sustainable Gift Making :: Active Art Salon from 19:00 – 23:00  come make your own gifts with the help of one of Santa’s workshop helpers, enjoy snacks, cookies and Glüwein

check Baumhaus calendar for other events

Mo 19.12.
11:00 – 21:00 general WORK session

Di 20.12.
11:00 – 21:00 general WORK session

Mi 21.12.
11 – 21:00 general WORK session

Do 22.12.
11 – 17:00 general WORK session
17 – 19:00 Baumhaus Community Day, open speaking hours
19:15 project updates and quick pitches
19:30 rescued bio food buffet by The Real Junk Food Project: Berlin & Foodsharing Berlin
20:30 Improvisational Groove Orchestra (voacal improv jam)

Stop by any day after 11:00 to join in the creative fun while there are still some installation opportunities open!