Knowledge Transfer, Session 1 – The Sewing Machine

31. July 2018 @ 18:00 – 22:00
It is not about how much knowledge we have but how we share that knowledge and what we do with that knowledge…
During this first session, the lovely and talented Perrine will show us everything she knows about our old school, high quality, industrial strength sewing machine.
Over the past months we have been using our sewing machine to develop our hanging vertical garden prototype. Sewing thick fleece pockets together with chicken wire was the first challenge for our machine.
Now, we would like to use the machine for sewing up-cycled pillow covers, curtains, fabric bags and repairing old clothes. So if you are interested in how to use our sewing machine or even help document the knowledge transfer so others can learn too then come on by Tuesday evening.
18:00 Doors Open – meet and greet
19:00 Let the transfer begin!
• operating the sewing machine
• making up-cycled chairs from Tetra-paks
+ whatever other offerings come up
20:30 Quick Pitches – let people know what
• resources and help you have to offer or
• what you need help with
• announcements for interesting opportunities and happenings
The Baumhaus is a lab for sustainable development where people can get actively involved in projects and events that make the world a better place through practical actions. Donations are always welcome…

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