Want to meet neighbors and other people who want to make the world a better place in Berlin? Our project space is a platform for meeting, events and workshops for a variety of people and organizations…

Check out our program below to see the schedule of events. And if you think something is missing, maybe you could create that event in Baumhaus yourself. Get inspired and involved in Baumhaus project space!

Gerichtstr. 23, front building, ground floor – the entire space is ground floor, we have a ramp to get in, and a barrier free bathroom. Please let us know if you have other special needs, we’ll try to provide support. Please note: The entire space is designated as an “Open Greeting Zone”, which means that it is a place where anyone can feel comfortable walking up to anyone else and introduce themselves. Our events are often bilingual in English & German. Please let us know if you don’t understand. Most of the time we can organize translation on the spot.

If not indicated otherwise: 5-12€ (pay-as-you-feel) for the space

You can find our events also at Facebook & sometimes Twitter