COB#1 Ax û Av – Ecovillage Project in Viranşehir / Turkey

10. November 2017 um 20:00 – 21:00
‚Ax û Av‘ / Soil & water Ecological Project in Viranşehir city
The eco-village ‚Ax û Av‘ project was an attempt to build ecological society and sustainable architectural environment near Wéranşar (Viranşehir). The village consists of 70 houses made by ALKER – Adobe brike improved by İstanbul Technical University, architecture department. The aim of the project was to start a new discussion about the right of dwelling, the gender equality in the production process and the organic architecture.
Muhammed Malla (Architect/Activist) will present the project in a short presentation. We will then have time for open discussion!

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