(ENG) Presentations III : Emergent Berlin 2019 „Immersive Realities“

18. Oktober 2019 um 18:00 – 22:30
Every year during Emergent Berlin we host a wide variety of sustainable projects, initiatives and experts to share what they are up to. This year’s theme of ‚immersive realities‘ invites our speakers to see how they can inspire us to consider and exchange different perspectives that we can reflect on as we act to make the world a better place.
Full Details: http://www.emergentberlinfest.de/index.php/friday-october-18-2019/
18:00 Doors Open
19:00 First Round of Presentations
• Anette Jensen – THF.Vision
Reallabor für eine gute Zukunft auf dem Tempelhofer Flughafen
• Silke Zimmermann – book project
A book project that imagine we are in the year 2050 and everything went well…
• Kave Bulambo – Umoja DRC
„The lived realities of Congolese women in coffee and cacao…“
19:45 Break
20:15 Second Round of Presentations
• Xiaoyu Cheng (Angela) – Me and We Foods
By sharing food and stories, we bond over the flavors that touch
our soul…
• Butson Boursiquot – FrequenSeeds
A creative meditation references is rooted to practice by the Himalayan Monks, but adapted for a city life.
• Scott Bolden – book project
The story of a book that planted the seeds for growing a Baumhaus…
21:00 Chill Out & Networking in the Baumhaus „Open Greeting Zone“
Pay-as-you-feel €6 – €12 includes tea, water & snacks)
We ask participants to consider:
• their personal budget
• the value of their experiences during the workshop in the Baumhaus
• the value of supporting the Baumhaus so that we can continue facilitating these and various other types of experiences

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