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Emergent Berlin 2014 :: Saturday, August 16 from 12:00pm until late…

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Imagine a place, an informal and inspiring atmosphere, where you can meet other enthusiastic, like-minded people committed to making Berlin and the world a better place. The Emergent Berlin Festival will help make that vision a reality by offering Berliners the opportunity to play an active role in helping to a growing sustainable urban culture together!

Emergent Berlin is a non-commercial full-day event to inform, network, exchange, collaborate, celebrate and have fun with each other in the spirit of becoming active participants in the quest to make Berlin a better place. Emergent Berlin focuses on local projects and finding ways to connect people who are already working for a more sustainable city with those who are interested in participating in, collaborating with and supporting those initiatives.

This festival will be held on the Berlin waterfront at the Spree-feld/acker Wohngenossenschaft grounds located at Wilhelmine-Gemberg-Weg 10-14 in Mitte. This interactive event will feature over 30 short (10 min) presentations and (1/2 hour) workshops covering a broad spectrum of sustainable perspectives including personal, social, cultural, economic, ecologic and aesthetic.

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So far, some of this year’s participating initiatives include: Think2Share, Berlin Greeter, Makers Flair, Authentic Berlin, Polly Bob, GUT GELAUFEN, Fair-handeln!!!Sustainability Drinks Berlin, DönerkindBuerger-Uni, d.collective/better todayAWO FriedrichshainLeila *, .garage, Von Pappe, id22Material Mafia, EntretempoOui Share, Make Sense, Sharehaus, betterplace.org Berlin, Ao Amorthechanger.org, Karma Games, CoHousing 3.0, Cooperative 3.0, trial & error, Nicolai Sune, non-green-gardening, Premium Cola, Quartiermeister, Vision Talk, Berlin Burners, Creative Consciousness Berlin, Weitblick Berlin, TeePee Land, Food Assembly Germany, Konferenz der Visionäre, Bed & Breakslow, SPIRIT Berlin, Lernwerkstatt X, Bicyclope, Tango Loft Berlin, Böll Stiftung and Baumhaus Berlin.  Check out our Open Greeting Zone“ social innovation initiative. (full program soon)

This year’s party features Groovy-ass Djs :
The Henrik ManeuverDj VelaDj Skizum, Beatkolletiv

Plus Live acts throughout the day including: Galeb & The Seagull, Siv Jacobsen, Sara Serodio, The Neigh-Kid HorseRob Longstaff & Leiseylento

>> Late Night Film Screenings & Discussion – „Years of Living Dangerously“, „Busking For Berlin“ & „The Crisis of Civilization“

>> The Super Swanky Boathouse Lounge (provided by our friends at the Tango Loft) + Bar + free boat rides to and from the Mörchenpark all day and night long…

>> Spree Boat Tours – Jan Sputnik

>> Open program in Teepee Land

>> FIT Firetruck Sauna

>> Creative Maker-Space for kids and adults

>> Open beach all day

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:: Background ::

Emergence is a process of collective & collaborative intelligence manifesting itself into order.  What is emerging in Berlin is the development and growth of, „A Sustainable Urban Culture“.

Our first objective for the event is to prime and catalyze a feedback loop of emergent behavior by bringing together people in Berlin who are engaged in developing and running sustainable initiatives / projects / systems / events together with people and organizations who want to:

• learn more about these projects/initiatives

• participate in these projects/initiatives

• start their own projects/initiatives

• support, invest in or donate to these projects/initiatives.

• actively participate in cultivating the sustainable future of Berlin.


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Ein inspirierender Ort, wo du gleichgesinnte Leute treffen kannst… Emergent Berlin ist ein Sommerfest für Berliner Weltverbesserer*innen – für alle, die sich gemeinsam für eine sozialere & ökologischere Stadt engagieren wollen!

Emergent Berlin ist unkommerzielles eintägiges Fest – zum Informieren, Vernetzen, Austauschen, Zusammenarbeiten und gemeinsam Feiern. Wir wollen lokale Projekte und engagierte Leute mit Menschen verbinden, die sich gerne aktiv in Projekte einbringen, mit ihnen kooperieren oder solche Initiativen gerne unterstützen würden.

Am 16. August in Mitte am Spreeufer der Wohnungsgenossenschaft Spreefeld, Wilhelmine-Gemberg-Weg 10-14. Mit über 30 Kurz-Präsentationen und Workshops von lokalen Projekten, die sich aus vielen Perspektiven für lokale nachhaltige Entwicklung einsetzen: persönlich, sozial, kulturell, ökonomisch, ökologisch und ästhetisch.

Download hier den Zeitplan und Lageplan als PDF-Dokument

Beteiligte Projekte unter anderem: Think2ShareBerlin GreeterMakers FlairAuthentic BerlinPolly BobGUT GELAUFENFair-handeln!Sustainability Drinks BerlinDönerkindBuerger-Unid.collective/better todayAWO FriedrichshainLeila *.garageVon Pappeid22Material MafiaEntretempoOui ShareMake SenseSharehaus, betterplace.org Berlin, Ao Amorthechanger.orgKarma Games, CoHousing 3.0, Cooperative 3.0, trial & error, Nicolai Sune, non-green-gardeningPremium ColaQuartiermeisterVision TalkBerlin BurnersCreative Consciousness BerlinWeitblick BerlinTeePee LandFood Assembly Germany, Konferenz der Visionäre, Bed & Breakslow, SPIRIT Berlin, Lernwerkstatt X, BicyclopeTango Loft BerlinBöll Stiftung and Baumhaus Berlin.  **Stellen wir auf dem Fest unsere “Open Greeting Zone” (Offene Grüßzone) Initiativ vor. So kannst du Teil der Initiative werden…**

Abends Party im Bootshaus mit: The Henrik ManeuverDj VelaDj Skizum, Beatkolletiv

Tagsüber Live-Musik… Galeb & The SeagullSiv JacobsenSara Serodio, The Neigh-Kid HorseRob Longstaff & Leiseylento

>> Late Night Film Screenings & Discussion – „Years of Living Dangerously“, „Busking For Berlin“ & „The Crisis of Civilization“

>> The Super Swanky Boathouse Lounge (provided by our friends at the Tango Loft) + Bar + free boat rides to and from the Mörchenpark all day and night long…

>> Spree Boat Tours – Jan Sputnik

>> Open program in Teepee Land

>> FIT Firetruck Sauna

>> Kreativ Maker-space für Kinder

>> offene Strand

click to download booklet with presenter and workshop info

:: Hintergrund ::

Emergenz ist der Prozess, wie durch kollektive & kollaborative Intelligenz neue Strukturen auftauchen. In Berlin entwickelt sich so gerade eine nachhaltige urbane Kultur.

Mit Emergent Berlin wollen wir dieses „emergentes Verhalten“ fördern. Wir bringen lokale nachhaltige Projekte mit Leuten zusammen, die selber aktiv werden wollen:

• mehr über lokale Initiativen lernen

• sich in lokalen Projekten engagieren

• eigene Projekte und Initiativen starten

• lokale Projekte und Initativen unterstützen

• die Kultur für eine nachhaltige Zukunft Berlins mitgestalten


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Emergent Berlin 2013 took place on June 1, 2013

View the 2013 event program (pdf) &  facebook invite & location map (pdf)

Event reviews at end :: Plenty of Images Below 

We have a full program including short presentations of local sustainable projects and a groovy party in the boat house + 1/2 hour workshops & film screening in the Kater Holzig.  There will be plenty of drinks and home cooked tasty Indonesian vegan food in the boat house lounge served by Enak-Enak.  Any profit will go to a home-cooking refugee project.  Enak-Enak avoids waste and uses fairtrade, regional and sustainable ingredients wherever possible..

8 minute presentations (DE/EN) :: In Boathouse 18-22h

18.18h Valentina Karga – DIY sustainable everything
18.30h Niels Peter Flint – Micro Housing Strategies
18.42h 2470media Citizen Journalism – Lela Ahmadzai & Daniel Nauck
18.54h OUI Share (Berlin) – Sharing Economy
19.06h Ela Kagel – Supermarkt (designing collaborative spaces)
19.18h Natalie Holmes- Context (sustainable walking seminars)
19.30h introduction to Non Violent Communnication – Annie Blaise
19.42h die Bürger Uni – Tobias Stapf
19.54h Changing Course Berlin – the practical collaborative economy in action
20.06h Make Sense – Ismail Chaib
20.18h Kimidori – coop for sustainable furniture
20.30h Richard Schut – (Guerilla Theatre projects)
20.42h Unfucktheplanet – Own Your Impact
20.54h Material Mafia – up-cycling and right sourcing of building & materials
21.06h Loesje – Social sustainability through creative writing
21.18h Ekaterina Karabasheva – freelancers rights movement
21.30h AGORA – co-working and culture space
21.42h Ozon Cyclery (bamboo bikes)
21.54h Creative coding – Abe Pazos
22.06h das Baumhaus – Scott Bolden & Karen Wohlert

1/2 hour workshops (DE/EN) :: At Kater Holzig! 18.30 – 21.30h

19.00h 2470 media  •  19.30h Open •  20.00h CNVC – Annie Blaise & Andrea Hoberg  •  20.30h Vision Talk – Antje Berheide  •  21.00h OUI Share (Berlin)  •  21.30h Loesje – creative writing  •  22.00h Gabriela Dorniak (up-cycling Jewelery)

Bureau For New Work Rituals – interactive social games and rituals (whole day, all over)

Short Film Screenings (DE/EN sub) :: At Kater Holzig! 18 – 21.30h

Screening of berlinfolgen – 2470 media in conjunction with Taz produced The Grimme Award winning series of 100 short films that provide empathic glimpses into the lives of a wide cross section of Berliners.

These first public screening of all 100 films offers a foundation for reflection on who and where we are as a community of individuals on our emergent journey.  We are the agents, actors and those acted upon in Berlin’s emergence; we come from every walk of life and we all influence each other.


Party in boat house with Groovy Music from Beatkollektiv :: 22h- late


Location: Spreeacker @ Wilhelmine-Gemberg-Weg 10-14, 10179 Berlin

Click this map to see how to find the Spreeacker beach and boathouse


:: About das Baumhaus ::

We’re a project to build a project/event space and café in Wedding dedicated to the idea of bringing people together to engage with each other in meaningful ways.  Starting this summer, we will make use of art, technology, design and culture to create an experimental space to shift borders how people use public space to create inclusive community and collaborate to develop locally sustainable solutions.  You could say we are developing a sustainable solutions werkstatt made up of freelance talent from various disciplines… Check out our „Meetup“ group for people who want to get involved in the Baumhaus project or contact: baumhaus.berlin(at)gmail.com

Special Thanks to the good people at 2470media, Spreeacker, id22 and Kater Holzig for collaborating with das Baumhaus to help sponsor and make this event possible!

**You might find it easier to look at these photos on our facebook page**

Emergent Berlin :: Event Reviews


 Positive Magazine’s Review


Scott Bolden’s perspective (das Baumhaus co-founder)

Quite some effort went into producing this event, an experience many of us have shared, but from many different perspectives.  I am writing this review because I think that gaining an understanding of each other’s perspectives regarding a commonly shared experience can be a valuable learning opportunity.  What insights can we learn from and how can we continue to collaborate to create the world we want to live in?  It is in this spirit that I offer my own perspective as event coordinator and invite you to offer your’s so that our next shared experiences can be even better.

Before I get too far, I would first like to sincerely thank the over 600 participants and presenters who showed up to take part in our Emergent Berlin experience at Spreeacker and Kater Holzig.  I would especially like to thank the great group of people who put in the hard work and time to help make this event a reality; I have listed my appreciation of specific individuals for their contributions at the end of this review.

Producing this event itself was a great example of emergent behavior in action as I experienced dealing with situation after situation that needed resolution from the planning and set up stages of the event to the evening of the event and cleaning up on the following days.  I definitely felt like I fully lived the concept of emergence throughout this process, which is quite satisfying considering that I aim to „live“ my ideas and not just „talk“ about them.

Planning for this event started way back in Feb when the people over at Rally.org invited us to create a crowd funding project on their web platform and use their space for a supporting event.  By mid March the Emergent Berlin concept was developed, we confirmed participation of several sustainable initiatives with whom we already had collaborative relationships and a facebook event was created.  By early April we sent out a call for participation far and wide… and then Rally.org told us that they double booked the space!  So there we were, we had a full program planned for an event with 20 or so confirmed collaborators and no place to host it!

This was a real drag because now we had a full event to try to find a space suitable to host hundreds of people plus we lost any appetite to run a crowd-funding campaign with Rally.  At this point, I really was considering canceling the event to avoid the risk of losing money and time on an event especially since our goal was to raise €10k for our security deposit on the Baumhaus space (which we still need to raise).  Ultimately, I decided to move ahead with the event planning mostly because I felt a sense of personal responsibility to follow through on a commitment to all the people who had agreed to participate.

At the time, everyone on our core team of planners had pledged to press on and help find a new location but by the time May rolled around and we still had no new event space, most of the original event planning team went on to focus on other projects. Then it happened, I found the Spreeacker!  Michael La Fond from id22/Spreeacker agreed to let us use their space!  A few days later Neils Peter Flint’s introduction to the Kater Holzig community paid off because they agreed to let us use their place in case of rain.

Up to this point in the story I would like to state a few reflections…

0) The power of shared ideas – Above all else, this event came to being because there is a strongly shared sense and will in our local communities to develop sustainable solutions that can help make our Berlin and beyond great places to be and live in.  It was this very strong sense from many of you that inspired and drove me to make sure that this event would happen.

1) Avoiding Selfish Opportunism – Throughout the course of planning there were several occasions where people made promises and confirmed situations and then changed their minds at the last minute.  I think we all really need to be more conscious of following through on our commitments and promises to each other.  There are enough challenges in the world to deal with without having to worry about us creating more stress for each other.

2) Staying Cool Through The Pressure – I think there were about 10 times when I probably could have outwardly expressed my outrage at certain situations but did not do so.  I’m glad I saved myself and others any stress by taking the time to digest situations before immediately reacting.  I also acknowledge the patience of many others throughout this process.

Moving along…. So, with less than 3 weeks until the event all the final details and scheduling had to be worked out.  The event was originally planned for a space with full infrastructure and equipment but now everything had to be coordinated from scratch.  What worked out pretty well was posting a simple google spreadsheet doc online that allowed presenters to schedule their presentations and workshops on their own and also sign up for shifts to help run the bar, make photos, sit at the door, moderate the presentations, set up and clean up.  In the end, we had just enough people showing up at the right time to make things run smoothly.  However, it would have been nice if we had just 10 more people contributing 1 hour of help each.  This would have made the event less stressful for those who were helping out already.

The actual event ::

I was pretty busy during the event dealing with set up issues and unforeseen problems but I was there for about half of the 20 presentations as acting moderator and technical coordinator.  I felt pretty good giving my presentation at the end of the session but it would be good to hear some other feedback besides the one critical response posted in the comment section of our home page.

In general, I thought the presentations I saw were pretty solid, entertaining enough and informative but it was a drag that mic did not function until the end of the program.  I was really impressed that the presenters were able to do presentations for over 100 people at a time without a mic, bravo!  The presenters also did a good job of reorganizing themselves and the available resources to keep the program flowing; 20 consecutive presentations actually finished on time…  Now that was some emergent behavior in action!

Just 1 day before the event, we made the decision to go with our bad weather ‚Plan B‘ to keep all the programming indoors between the Spreeacker and the Kater Holzig.  Thanks go out to Sven and Bruno over at the Kater Holzig for letting us use the space and helping to set it up so nice!

Anyway, this meant that we had to do the film screening, workshops and presentations all at the same time and be done at the Kater Holzig by 21.30h.  Although the rooms were quite nice, we hoped to be able to spread out the program a bit more over the entire night.  Big thanks to Lela Ahmadzai form 2470 media for managing the scene over at Kater Holzig!  I did not get a chance to participate in any of the workshops but I heard some good feedback regarding content however, I also heard that there was a bit of noise interference between various activities.

By the time all the presentations were over at 22.30h back at the Spreeacker boat house, the party was in already getting going.  The Beatkollektiv Djs went on grooving out until the break of dawn and much fun was had by all with a good vibe throughout the night.

The important thing is that we created an interactive experience and the conditions for meaningful engagement with a conscious focus on how we can make Berlin and the world a more sustainable and great place to live.  Personally, I had a good time and never got too stressed dealing with issues but it really would have been great with a few more people helping out.  However, mine is just one very limited perspective so I invite others to chime in and post either the comment section here, on facebook or even via email, baumhaus.berlin(at)gmail.com.  All responses will be considered as we prepare for our next event in September; a call for participation will come soon.

I would like to give special thanks to Lela Ahmadzai for arranging and managing the Grimme Award winning berlinfolgen screening and workshops, helping during set up and clean up and the 100 other things she did before, during and after the event.  I would like to thank Joanna Anastassiou for organizing, setting up and tending the bar as well as cleaning cleaning up.  Thanks to Stef Lenk for helping out at the bar.   Thanks to Roland over at Lichtpark who helped us stock the Bar. Thanks to Karen Wohlert for helping with set up, clean up, moderation and managing our great crew of helpers.  Thanks to Andrew James for his documentation of the event and help setting up.  Thanks to Ciska Jansen of Enak-Enak and her assistant for cooking such great food and raising money for a good cause.  Thanks to Ben Kaubisch for set up and moving help as well as helping out at the door.  Thanks to Alex Namir and Katie for helping at the bar.  Thanks to Robert Powierski for helping during set up.  Thanks to Sebastian Nowakowski (kimidori) and Katja von Helldorff (material mafia) and Prinzessinnengarten for lending us and helping move their sustainable furniture.  Thanks to Peter Mädel who loaned us his party light and torches for the beach plus he ran the bar with Peter Hartfiel for the last half of the Party!  Thanks to Gabriela Dorniak for helping out at the door and Richard Schut for helping to moderate (and for being the first one to come up with a new collaborative project inspired at Emergent Berlin!)  Thanks to Steve, Stephen, Klass, Iris, Jon and Michael form Spreeacker for helping to facilitate the whole process.  Please let me know if I have forgotten to mention anybody and I will correct the situation.


Ruben der Kinderen – Bureau For New Work Rituals at ‚Emergent Berin Fest‘ 01-06-2013

The weather wasn’t going to be that good. Our original plan was to play on the roof of the boathouse 2 weeks before, but by the time of the event everything had changed. During the set-up, we decided to play our game at the Katerholzig where all the other workshops where held and the ‚Berlin folge‘ was film was playing. From this space we would later benefit.

The preparation for this game was long, but super fun! Designing our prizes for the best player, informing friends who would agree to help us and explaining the rules and the script of the game to them. Then there was making all the arrows and sawing the wood that would make the signs, all was set.

The start began slow, not a lot of people came in the first hour. But when people heard at the beach-area that there where a whole bunch of workshops at the Kater, there was a continuous flow of visitors. People were shy at first so we had to lure the first participant into our seats at the registration desk. When he was in the rest soon followed afterwards to stay for the whole event, hardly going anywhere else!

The space where we held the event was cozy, with a good amount of noise and full of busy people which brought the participants into the perfect mind state. People where chatting, laughing even writing information down of other playing participants. 
The game worked even so well, that some game-participants where around the bonfire the whole night talking about good couch-surfing addresses an places to meet. Our game facilitated all of that. Strange people connecting with one another. Mission accomplished.

6 thoughts on “Emergent Berlin Series 2014 + 2013 @ Spreeacker

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    Iam working for an austrian film production company and we are planning a cinema documentary about „commons projects“. We want to work out with different examples like health care, game industry, agriculture and living concepts (Kibbuz) how the knowledge of many people can be used for commons project. On part in the movie wants to show, how how people come together, work together (not getting paid) to create something new. Commons means, in our interpretation, that people share and use „one ressource“ (that can be digital knowledge, a garden, a house like yours) and how they develop something new out of it. I found your project in the internet and i think it cmbines lot of aspects we want to talk about (creative commons, urban gardening, crowdfounding..) So far you are still building the house, right? Is it possible, that we cvan get more infos about your team and project? Iam interested in, how long you still need to finish the construction part. Are people work for free to finish the building? What kind of projects are already running under the „Commons motto“ Is the aleady a sharing garden? Iam asking you all this, because we are in the research phase and
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