Das Baumhaus at the OSCE Days

IMG_6333On Sunday Anna, Scott and Simon from Das Baumhaus participated at the Open Source Circular Economy Days (OSCE Days) to plan how we can make the Emergent Berlin festival for sustainable initiatives (September 23-25) an OPEN SOURCE and ZERO WASTE event. On the one hand, we are aware that festivals create huge amounts of trash and we want to find ways to reduce it. But our challenge is not just about ecological sustainability, our main questions are: How can we make our festival zero waste in a personal, ecological, aesthetic, cultural, economic and social way? (P.E.A.C.E.S.) How can visitors experience and learn zero waste at the festival?

In a first step we brainstormed on how we can make the event ECOLOGICALLY sustainable. “What about the non-visable trash, like CO2?” someone asked. Check out our
poster for the results!IMG_6362

Then we thought, about the personal, aesthetic, cultural, economic and social ways of making the event zero-waste. How can the festival be a zero-waste of time?
 Check out our neural network:

IMG_6356Also, Scott whipped out an “Improvisational Groove Orchestra” session and we experienced a few minutes of total group resonance by the use of our voices.

In all, the OSCE challenge was a total success and we are happy we gathered some valuable insights for the upcoming Emergent Festival.