Does your challenge need a sustainable solution?  We provide a broad range of services for businesses, organisations, municipalities and individual clients. Contact us for an individual offer:

Transformation towards sustainability requires a shift in consciousness, mindset and understanding. It also requires everyone to be an actor of change, an epic amount of collaboration and participation/engagement. We help people and organizations gain new perspectives and insights, develop strategies, make different choices and take different practical actions to bring about sustainable results. We utilise a broad network of multidisciplinary professionals to create teams specific to our clients needs, including hands-on support.

In addition to our project consulting work, we also offer workshops, event space and experiences to support continuing education, offsite meetings and team bonding activities. We share our experience of 10+ years Baumhaus and some team members their 30+ years experience of organizing projects, events, living labs and more.

Consulting & Projects

Sustainable Solutions development and implementation in the areas of:

  • Product design and development
  • Sustainability assesments
  • Systems design
  • Interior design and installations
  • Furniture and lighting
  • Educational material
  • Open project organisation 
  • Citizen engagement
  • Community development

Let us know what’s your challenge that could use  a sustainable solution, we’d love to help. We’ll meet and strategize together how we can support you and your project.

Workshops & Talks

Inspiration, knowledge and empowerment for sustainable actions, e.g.

  • Sustainability thinking seminar – develop a clearer understanding of your own personal and organization’s most effective roles in making the world a more sustainable place
  • The roots of sustainability 
  • p.e.a.c.e.s – six dimensions of sustainability
  • Inner commons – personal sustainability
  • Flow, a group meditation technique for inducing an authentic connected flow state
  • How to create space for meaningful engagment
  • Upcycling, building with natural materials, practical designing and prototyping
  • … and other workshops, depending on your needs

Events & Experiences

Engaging and impactful events for diverse target groups

  • Planning, organizing, hosting
  • Moderation and facilitation
  • Recording and documentation
  • Guest lectures and short inputs
  • Music, art and culture program

Space Rental & Catering

Full service space rentals

  • 2 rooms for up to 100 people (up to 40 people for active workshops with breakout groups)
  • Beamer, sound, whiteboards, moderation materials..
  • Homemade, delicious & healthy food
  • Professional hybrid events and livestreams


We work with a solidarity pricing system. An amount above the normal price enables us to continue to provide space and support to local groups and initiatives without a budget.