Our 170m2 of urban store front space for our open community is located in the Wedding district of Berlin.

This hub for developing, supporting and implementing sustainable solutions is headquartered in an organically styled indoor tree house. The space is manifested as a direct metaphor for radical collaboration across a wide range of societal stakeholders. We utilise the culturally neutral aesthetics of nature expressed through the use of tangent arcs organically rhythmic lines. 

The space and functional elements within it are modularly flexible enough to support multifunctional usages including design development processes, prototyping & production, distribution, community engagement, workshops, seminars, public and private events and more.

The vast majority of the space and its installations are made from several varieties of wood with natural clay & ceramic mosaic detailing.  More than half of the materials are up-cycled or rescued; even production scrap is reused in aesthetic installations.  Many modular building techniques were developed to facilitate the process of building, using, maintaining & upgrading the space on a generational time scale.  Ecological insulation, natural cooling techniques and dimmable LED lighting help keep the space’s CO2 footprint to a minimum.

Until now, more than 800 people have joined our broad and growing network of interdisciplinary actors for change to help create the space.  Detailing work continues, let us know if you would like to help!

360 view of our space

Images during our 2021 renovations