We share our space & good vibes. Over the past few years, we have hosted and co-produced a multitude of public events, team meetings and workshops from local groups and businesses to universities and international NGOs.  Contact us for more info & an individual offer: 0176 78566593 (Karen) or per email.

360 view of our space


We care for you and your guests. We know what it takes for a good event, and how to create a warm and creative atmosphere. We consult with you on all the aspects of your event to make sure it flows smoothly. We’ll be there with fresh hot coffee when you arrive, assist with set-up and be around whenever you need support. We have moderation materials, speaker’s desk, microfone, wlan, small stage, standing tables,…

Always included:
Drinks: water, tea & filter coffee (bio/fair)
Staff: for space facilitation, technical and social support
Equipment: video projector, stereo sound, flip chart/whiteboard, pin boards


Homemade, delicious & healthy!  Our various vegan and vegetarian buffets are made with regional and seasonal fruit & vegetables, featuring local solutions, e.g. community supported agriculture (CSA) and food collective. We love to cook for you, and offer both ‘food on a budget’ and some fancier options too.

For example:
• tasty snacks
 all day: fresh fruits, vegetable sticks, nuts, homemade cookies
• light lunch to keep you working: e.g. soup with bread, diverse toppings and salad
• dinner buffet with various cold & warm dishes, salad buffet and desserts

Of course, you can also bring your own catering and drinks, or use our kitchen to prepare your food yourself.


Our store front space has 2 rooms you can rent separately or together.  It’s a multi-functional and flexible space: go swiftly from plenum to working groups, from concentrated work sessions to candle-lit dinner.  Both rooms together are ideal for active workshops with up to 40 people. Maximum capacity: 100 people.

lectures / row seating: up to 50 people
working tables / café seating: up to 40 people
circle seating: up to 20 people
direct access from side walk

lectures / row seating: up to 20 people
working tables / café seating: up to 15 people
circle seating: up to 15 people
access through main space

fully equipped professional kitchen
opens into main space