Collaborative Up-Cycling :: Design & Building with Zalando

19. October 2018 @ 9:00 – 17:00
Sometimes different groups, organizations and business like to send over people to help with the continuing design, detailing, decorating and building of the space, this Friday is one such time…
We welcome the participation of folks from Zalando, you and who ever else shows up to help with making up-cycled chairs out of Tetrapaks and turning disposable wooden veggie crates into ‘Dragon Skin’ pattern of wooden shingles.
We have several other longer and short term projects that anyone can join in like our vertical garden or candle holder up-cycling.
** Zalando will also have a small film crew there to capture the spirit and output of the day for us to share. Feel free to let them know if you do not want to be filmed.
Bring healthy and sustainable snacks and drinks to share otherwise, there are plenty of local places to eat plus a grocery store.
* participants must have valid health insurance

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