Effective Communication for Environmentalists (Workshop)

4. April 2019 @ 18:00 – 20:30
GreenBuzz Berlin

It’s always a challenge to communicate with people you disagree with. Even more so, when you invest a lot of time and effort in projects that you find important, which other people don’t always understand. Whether you are an environmentalist, activist, or any other flavour of socially engaged person, you can get into difficult interactions.

Communication is a fundamental aspect of our life. Paradoxically, we take it for granted and seldom work to actively improve it. Therefore, we are happy to announce that we organized a workshop on effective communication for environmentalists.

Marco Vega, founder of Sapien.co (https://sapien.co/), will lead the workshop. Marco uses his background in cognitive neuroscience to help teams improve their communication practices. This workshop is tailored to situations that activists encounter. It will go over some of the research on persuasion and on how to better understand others, share your thoughts constructively, and resolve conflicts.

The hard truth is that people can’t collaborate effectively without communicating effectively. And now it’s time to collaborate!

Organizational details:

This is a paid workshop with a closed number of places. It will take place at Baumhaus (Wedding). After the workshop, there will be the customary social dinner of Baumhaus with a buffet (included in the price). The workshop will officially start at 18.30, so please be punctual!