Game Night + Special Improvisational Groove Orchestra Session

25. July 2017 @ 19:00 – 22:00

We have several requests for a game night so here it is! Bring your favorite games to share and play, maybe even make some up in our cozy Baumhaus candle lit salon.

Card games, board games, dice games, video games, physical games… anything is fair game! (we have a beamer)

PLUS a special IGO vocal jam session for those who can’t make it on Thursdays or just can’t get enough…


19:00 doors open, 2 – 5€ entrance
“Open Greeting Zone” all night long – feel free to introduce yourself to anyone or any group and expect the same in return…

19:30 let the games begin!

20:30 IGO session in the back room

22:00 feedback round

Improvisational Groove Orchestra (I.G.O.) – a fun way to experience authentic connection and community through exploring a commonly created sound space.

Some describe it as a game where everyone can win as much as they want. Some describe it as a deeply engaging and active connective meditation. Some say it is like tripping out as a group. Some say it’s just plain fun… all are correct.

Most of what we do is with our eyes closed. This allows everyone to be very focussed on only the sound space without any other distractions.

At each session we usually have more beginners rather than experienced singers; all levels and voice types are welcome. Scott will explain a few basic and intuitively understandable concepts to make it super easy to dive in and be jamming out within the first 15 minutes!

It is a learning process in progress, each time balancing ourselves in volume and expression to merge into the group sound space, allowing everyone to hear and be heard, naturally developing our own musical styles.

The last times we explored further into the human sequencer game – a system where one person acts as a conductor, splitting the group into small parts, giving each small group unique impulses that than develop into one composition.

Feel most welcome to come and join us! (please be on time, there are important things to explain before beginning)

** pay as you feel, 2 – 5€ after the session

• You can find older tracks from previous IGO session in Das Baumhaus here: (Track 3)

• Here is a video showing another fun method with larger groups:

The address is Gerichtstr. 23 in the front house on the ground floor, you can walk in our door from the sidewalk. We will have some all kinds of drinks available at the bar.

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