Lush Jungle Vertical Garden Meeting – Evaluating The Prototype

8. February 2019 @ 18:00 – 21:30

Our hydroponic indoor “full green wall” prototype is working so far so we will meet to review the progress and discuss the next steps. New and old participants are welcome to join. Learn how to make your own vertical garden and help ours grow!

18:00 Doors Open + Meet & Greet
18:45 Meeting officially starts

So far we have already:
– sewn fleece pockets to our fleece wall
– sewn our fleece wall to metal chicken wire
– attached our chicken wire and fleece system to a waterproof surface with space holders made of old bottle caps
– made 6 different mixtures of worm compost soil, regular planting soil, clay bits and stones ( 50%, 40, 30, 20, 10 & 0% soil vs clay and stone)
– planted 6 easy to grow plants with well developed root systems

At this meeting we shall:
– see how well the plants are doing relative to each other
– discuss the current “hand” watering strategy
– discuss, research and design the gravity fed automatic watering system (
– plant some new additional plants
– discuss new plants
– discuss the newly discover flexibility of our modular system
– drink some drinks and chill…

+ discuss
– some indoor edible soil garden options for the Spring…

Tea, Coffee & Water available for donation
Beer, Wine and other non-alcoholic drinks available for 3€

• we gladly accept donations for the Baumhaus at the door

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