Nov. 14 Project Presentations & Workshop – Emergent Berlin 2018

14. November 2018 @ 18:00 – 22:30
If you are curious about a topic, want to join, start your own or support another project, then you are warmly invited to join us during an Emergent Berlin Project Presentation and Workshop Night.
Enjoy making some emergent connections and experiences in our “Open Greeting Zone” before and after the project presentations.
18:00 – Doors Open
19:20 – Project presentations (front room)
19:30 – Workshop (back room)
21:00 – Closing round and networking (front)
22:30 – End
Full Details:
19:20 – Transforming Businesses Into Safe Spaces for Healing! – Jonathan Klodt, Leadership³ (DE/EN)
19:40 – The Beauty of Not Knowing – Richard Schut (DE/EN)
20:00 – “Courage to Change, Courage to Act”, Elisabeth Kremer – Program Manager Kreisau-Initiative e.V. (DE/EN)
“Courage to Change, Courage to Act” fosters education for sustainable development and transformative learning among multipliers from Germany and Poland (teachers & multipliers from non-formal education).
WORKSHOP @ 19:45
Jonathan Klodt, Collective Leadership (EN/DE)
In this introductory workshop participants get introduced to the guiding principles of collective leadership and get to experience an immersive experience of collective leadership.
Leadership³ has been researching and practicing collective leadership for more than 7 years and hosts the annual Leadership³-Festival and just started their 6th Leadership³-Academy. Leadership³ coaches and consults with organizations which see the business world as a prototype for the world we would like to live in.
Pay-as-you-feel €4 – €8, at the door, please consider:
• your personal budget
• the value of your time spent at Baumhaus
• the value of supporting the Baumhaus
Coffee, Tea, Water and some snacks are available for donation, feel free to bring your own to share as well!
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