Some projects, groups & initiatives emerging from Baumhaus project…

KüfA, Repair Café, Lastenrad-Verleih, FoodKollektiv, Lesekreis…

COB#1, (Call for Action)

Emergent Berlin & Wedding Festival

Since four years, our annual self-organized emergent berlin “grassroots summer fest” invites local social and ecological projects to present what they are doing in short presentations and workshops, mixed with art, music and food… and whatever you would like to contribute!, a video of 2014, pics of 2015

FLOW Meditation / Improvisational Groove Orchestra (I.G.O.)

We meet every Thursday and every last Wednesday of the month to listen, respond, observe and curiously play with the sounds our voices create together during this guided meditation. Our objective is to tune into the common feeling we are developing in the present moment. It’s a fun way to experience authentic connection and community through exploring a commonly created sound space. Sound example 1, example 2, and a video with a larger group

Poetry in Baumhaus

For a group of young poets the Baumhaus is their poetic home. They work with lyrics in diverse manifestations: spoken, performed, read, heard, thought and shared… creating an open space for artists to interact and grow, develop their own voices, appreciating and celebrating everyones uniqueness. For public readings, performances and other poetry events check out


How “zero waste” can we be in our lives and in our neighborhood? An initiative by local transition town group WeddingWandler & Baumhaus, working together as neighbours to set up Zero Waste projects at the local level. Zero Waste is the concept of waste prevention – resources are reused and the greatest possible use of closed circuits is encouraged.  EU-Award 2015, Event in himmelbeet

Advice, coaching and seminars for local projects

.. and for people who want to get active. For instance, we’re cooperating with Réka Livits and co-hosted the social transformation workshop series “́Take the Future in Your Hands – A Roadmap to Authentic Vocation” with it’s guiding principle to live purposefully in times of immense complexity and increasing global challenges. It aims to empower people to walk their authentic path in life and make a difference in the world by developing their sense of initiative, creativity and (self )leadership skills, as well as their abilities for connection and cooperation. We believe that striving for personal fulfillment and contributing to a better world are not contradictory aspects, but deeply connected to each other.

Sustainable solutions collective

We’re building a transdisciplinary collective… freelancers pool their creativity, products and services for social and ecological ideas and projects, fostering interdisciplinary collaboration.

Building a second level

Some day, we want to build our long-planned “indoor-treehouse”-level atrium structure in the main room of our Baumhaus space. Not only will this area add extra seating and viewing space but will also create new perspectives… What’s bringing people together and catalyzing their actions in our project so far, has a lot to do with realizing a common dream of building a tree house. It’s a manifestation of a powerful metaphor that can bring our project to the next level. You can see our initial vision of the Baumhaus space in the 3D-Model fly-through.

Vertical Gardens for Baumhaus

Over the last months, several helpers from all kinds of fields, be it engineering, architecture, geology, arts and culture, or even the curious next door neighbor, have come together to elaborate different vertical gardening systems. Following the principles of permaculture, we aim to bring nature inside, because we feel that maintaining nature also means taking care of ourselves. As space and time is often limited in urban environments, we are developing self-watering and self-composting plant systems that can flourish up our available vertical surface areas. More Infos