Workshop: Business model – Sustain the project by structuring and optimizing the exchange of values

5. Dezember 2019 um 18:00 – 21:00
5-10€ inkl. drinks & dinner

a workshop by „comit“:

To build a sustainable project, a balance has to be found between the project’s vision and its financial viability: how to make the project resilient without losing sight of its mission, and how to fulfill the vision without exhausting the stakeholders?

comit helps entrepreneurs and NGOs develop sustainable projects, by conceiving and adapting methods and tools to empower, entrepreneurs, freelancers and managers to structure the business-model of their organisations. Throughout this workshop, we will introduce a way to set up a strong business-model in line with the vision. This approach will then be applied on your projects through exchanges and examples.

6pm: Doors open
6.30pm – 8pm: Workshop in the back room of Baumhaus
8pm: Community Dinner (we’ll join Baumhaus Community Night in the front room)

pay-as-you-feel 5-10 € as a contribution to Baumhaus space, incl. tee & coffee & vegan buffet