Sights & Sounds From People, Projects, Events :: March 13 – 31

More progress on all fronts the last half of March including collaborative building and design sessions, some really great community networking nights, some great sound recordings from our I.G.O. vocal improv meditative jam sessions, workshops, presentations and general good vibes… More on the Horizon:
Thursday Community Networking Night
• Apr 5 –
• Apr 12 –
Latest I.G.O. Sound recordings
• Sunday, Apr 15
Super Social Soli Sunday Brunch – inspiring and supporting each other to make some of the basic changes in our lives actually happen by doing them together!
• Entire Month of April – Collaborative Building Sessions :: Check out our open call for participation doing the stuff you love to do, write us a note and we will find some time to meet!
**Special thanks to Reda Youssef for helping to take some great photos during our community nights and to Charles at The Forsberg for the nice community bar tending workshop!

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