Evolving Transformations From 2021 Into 2022.

It feels like Baumhaus is inside another messy cocoon of creative and functional action, somewhere in the process of transforming from a caterpillar into a butterfly… Contact us if you would like to join in some of the transformative fun over the next 3 months- info@baumhausberlin.de.
Volunteers for ongoing renovations are always welcome!
We have some great projects and events we are planning for Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. Contact us about collaborations, support.
Spring – Return of Community Networking Nights + „Live Streams of Conscious“ music/improv performances
Summer – Emergent Berlin 2022, „We’re All Sailing This Ship Together“ + Immaculate Contraption #26 concert ‚Launching An Evolution‘
Autumn – Art Opening, „Pretend to Be The Ocean“
+ Book Release celebration
+ 10 years Baumhaus celebration!

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