Now, Then, Sooner, Soon & Soon Enough…

Now : April 18 : Early Opening Hours Community Networking Night – come as early as 13:00 for open house and open help session
Then : April 1-15 : Photos documentation from community night, sustainable communication, cheese making, eco-financing, mosaic workshop, vertical gardening and clay surfaces

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Sooner : April 24 : FLOW – meditative jam session
Soon : April 30 : Textile Up-cycling – action night making/fixing stuff
Soon Enough : May 17 : HalfTime / Halbzeit Party – talent announced

a MARCH of events towards APRIL

a MARCH of events towards APRIL
…With something Sustainable for almost Everyone…

Check the Baumhaus website for updates or facebook links below:

• Sustainable Cookie Making! (ACTION) – 19.03.

• Contributing to cultural and Social Sustainability with AG Patenschaften (ACTION) – 19.03.

• Sustainable Cooking and Community Building (ACTION) – 21.03.

• Sustainable textiles and fashion up-cycling (WORKSHOP) – 26.03.

• Sustainable textiles and fashion (Presentation & Discussion) – 26.03.

• Sustainable Social Musical Meditation (WORKSHOP) – 27.03.

• Sustainable Cooking and Community Building (ACTION) – 28.03.

• Collaborative Building Session – Lehmputz (Clay) (ACTION) – 31.03.

• Up-cycling Mosaik Workshop (WORKSHOP) – 07.04.

Events from the first half of April 2019

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Surviving Reconstructive Deconstruction

… With a little help from our friends!

This year started off with a real challenge when we had to endure 2 full weeks of construction in the Baumhaus and our WG upstairs, and in the middle of it all, pull off 2 big events, each hosting over 90 people! Thanks to all the nice volunteers who came by to make it all happen with style and joy!

Now we are back in action, come by to join in and hear the old stories and create the new ones yourself:

• Th/Do 07 Feb – Community Networking Night / Buffet / Jam Session
• Fr 08 Feb – Vertical Garden Meeting – working on the prototype

The written version of the construction drama from our blog

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Faces – Looking Back and Forward to the rest of April 2018

A bit of everything coming up these next 2 weeks including: Tech Team Night (nerds unite!), Thursday Community Networking nights, Beer Brewing, Plants and Party, Panke Flea Market Dj gig, Active Building Sessions, Organic Jam Sessions, Poetry Workshop, Super Social Sunday + Open Calls for participation…

18.04. – Open Tech Team Meeting

19.04. – Community Night, Buffet, Quick Pitches, Vocal Jam Session

21.04. – Beer Brewing Workshop

21.04. – Plant & Party

22.04. – Panke Flea Market (Baumhaus will have a table there)

23.-25.04. – Active Building Sessions

25.04. – FLOW musical meditation and Jam Session

26.04. – Poetry Workshop (DE)

26.04. – Community Night, Buffet, Quick Pitches, Vocal Jam Session

29.04. – Super Social Soli Sunday Brunch

+ OPEN CALL for Collaborations

Sights & Sounds From People, Projects, Events :: March 13 – 31

More progress on all fronts the last half of March including collaborative building and design sessions, some really great community networking nights, some great sound recordings from our I.G.O. vocal improv meditative jam sessions, workshops, presentations and general good vibes… More on the Horizon:
Thursday Community Networking Night
• Apr 5 –
• Apr 12 –
Latest I.G.O. Sound recordings
• Sunday, Apr 15
Super Social Soli Sunday Brunch – inspiring and supporting each other to make some of the basic changes in our lives actually happen by doing them together!
• Entire Month of April – Collaborative Building Sessions :: Check out our open call for participation doing the stuff you love to do, write us a note and we will find some time to meet!
**Special thanks to Reda Youssef for helping to take some great photos during our community nights and to Charles at The Forsberg for the nice community bar tending workshop!