Week in review Jan 18 – 25, 2016

• Last week started out with a special work help session to clear out the back room and most of the front room to make room for new building materials and prototype designs.  A bunch of really cool people showed up to help including Sam, a refugee engineering student from Syria. After our cleaning action we went up stairs to enjoy a nice home cooked meal.

• We also had a couple of surprise visits. The first was from the company that is (still…) installing the windows. The second surprise visitor was Björn who signed up to volunteer some time helping to build the Baumhaus. As it turned out, Björn not only signed up to volunteer through the Vostel online volunteering platform, but he also happened to be a programmer for Vostel! We spent some nice time getting to know each other while we worked on optimizing the Baumhaus’ posting online. Check out Vostel along with the many projects to volunteer for across Berlin.

• Our third Vertical & Permaculture Gardening meeting was a smashing success and a lot of fun (Sarah from the Wedding Space mixed some of her famously delicious cocktails). We identified and started planning the 3 systems we will use to make the walls of the Baumhaus alive with plants: 1) a hydroponic system that uses no soil, the roots of the plants get water with nutrients, 2) an aquaponic system, the same as the hydroponic except the water cycle includes fish in a fish tank that produce nutrients for the plants and, 3) a modular soil system with an integrated worm and compost design. At our next meeting on February 11, we will begin planning each prototype in detail and begin building each throughout the month.

• Part of our lighting team, Elena, Matthias, Vladimir and Scott met 2 times last week to continue developing our second major lighting installation prototype, “The Orchid Lamp”. We spent Thursday sorting out the technical design of the electronics and structural support of the wireframe. On Sunday we wired the electronics to the frame and reinforced the frame.  Our skinned functional prototype is now on display at Rathaus Kleinmachnow but it will be at the art loft berlin during the next “Sunday Afternoon” networking event for change makers and active neighbours from all across Berlin on 28 Feb.

• On Thursday evening we had an amazing session of the “Improvisational Groove Orchestra”, a great improv singing event. Sarah from the Wedding Space, provided more tasty support at the bar in between rounds… Stay tuned for the audio recordings, there is some really nice music in there! The next session is Thursday Feb 4.

• This week we will spend preparing the last planning details and purchasing building materials to order next week. We also finalized the contract with our plumber so that work can begin soon…

Check our calendar on our website or stop by every Thursday between 17:00 and 19:30 for our open office hours to see how to get involved or support the project!