When: Thursday 18th February 19:00 – 22:00 

After our usual Open Office Hours (17:00 – 19:00), there will be an Improvisational Groove Orchestra session in Das Baumhaus.
A fun way to experience the joy of vocalizing together…
In this workshop we will explore various methods to create improvisational music with voice and body in a comfortable and supportive environment. We will explore how to connect with each other via many musical styles, layering vocal rhythms, melodies, spoken word and tones with a groovy vibe.
This workshop is designed for singers of all vocal levels from beginners to professionals. Scott will provide the general moderation but any group member can also contribute to guiding us in the creation and discovery of new paths of vocal expression.
We do much of our work with our eyes closed so that we can stay focussed on creating the sound space without distractions. So far we have explored many various styles of vocalisation including polyrhythmic loops, Balinese Kecak chanting, traditional choral singing, freestyle lyrics, vocal and body percussion, emergent improvisational compositions, beat boxing, gospel/spiritual, hip hop, drum n bass, dub step, jazz, reggae & dub +++
19:00: meet-&-greet and hangout
19:30: start singing 
(please be on time, there are important things to explain before beginning)

• Check out a short clip from our last IGO session in Das Baumhaus:

• Here is a video showing another fun method, the human sequencer game:

• Later there will be a cocktail bar run by the wonderful Sarah from The Wedding Space.
The address is Gerichtstr. 23 in the front house on the 3rd floor, you can walk in our door from the sidewalk. Please bring snacks and drinks to share.
This is a free event, any voluntary donations from the evening will go towards the general project as we build Das Baumhaus Berlin this Winter and Spring.