Baumhaus Community Networking Night

+++ Please note: in December, Community Networking Night will be transformed into an online Networking Hour 20:00 – 21:00. +++

 Sign up here for 1 hour of “News u can use” online: connect with us and share your ideas, projects, needs and ressources… Dec 2 / 9 / 16. We hope, the real Community Night can be back soon next year!

/////////Archive: Community Networking Night im Baumhaus bis Ende November 2021 //////

Community Networking Night is all about bringing people together from all walks of life who share a common desire, to do what they can to make the world a better place.  Each Thursday evening the entire Baumhaus becomes an “Open Greeting Zone” where it is totally normal to introduce yourself to anyone else and expect the same in return.  Enjoy meeting people in an authentic and informal atmosphere, developing organic relationships, sharing perspectives and collaboratively supporting each other.

You are invited to get involved however you like, from joining the kitchen crew to preparing the vegan buffet, joining a workshop, cleaning up, helping out with some up-cycling projects or just hanging out.

Spaces are limited, please register here. 2G rules in effect (you need to show proof of being vaccinated or recovered with a QR-code at the door) + we have cool air filters now!  5€ – 15€ pay as you feel.  Check our event calendar for schedule details…

General Schedule

17:00 doors open
18:00 join the kitchen crew*
18:30 workshop or scheduled activity (check our event calendar if there is one)
20:00 vegan buffet – includes tea, water, coffee or bring your own drinks
21:00 “News You Can Use”
21:30 clean up crew
21:45 “FLOW” group vocal meditation (in seminar room, an additional 3€ – 5€ pay as you feel)
23:00 end

*if you want to join the kitchen crew, please be there for onboarding 18:00, bring a clean shirt, something to tie back your hair, plus your ‘red card’ if you have one (it’s an official document you have if you have worked in public kitchen before – but no stress, you can also join the cooking without!)