Friday, Nov. 17, 2023 – 21:30 until late…

On a planet in desperate need of saving, rose a group of everyday heroes dedicated to bringing more balance into the world… The EVENgers! In this episode our heroes try to spread and preserve the evolution towards sustainable transformation ...

Our adventure begins at Panke CLub located at Gerichtstr. 23 (Hof 5), 13347 Berlin
Doors open at 21:30, Pay as you feel between: 8€ reduced – 12€ normal – 20€ soli price


21:30 DJ Ronja & Michi DT

23:00 1st Live Set – Immaculate Contraption featuring: Sarah O Harah (vocals), Sophie Stolle (vocals), Genys (dubmaster), Gregor Nicolai (bass), Hakim Azmi (keys), Georges-Emmanuel Schneider (e-violin), Matjö (guitar/horns/keys), Giotto Beattz [Braintheft] (electro drums), Chris Sergeant (guitar) & Scottie B (vocals)

24:00 Genys (Bitwig)

1:00 second live set – Immaculate Contraption + special guest

2:00 – Dj Quien

4:00 Dj Business

All night –  Special guest MCs Tobi Do & Funkologist with sound engineering from eNμ


Gerichtstr. 23 (5th backyard), 13347 Berlin


Concept – Baumhaus Berlin
Artwork – Jingwen Yao
Art Direction – Skizum Studios
Back Story
An “Immaculate Contraption” session is a live improvisational performance of musicians in a deep state of flow that can often sound like a dj spinning records of various groovy genres.  The rules are simple; no rehearsals, no automation, no ego & always groovy.  The series was born out of the Skizum Studios art scene and industrial loft spaces of the Brooklyn waterfront in the mid 1990’s and was imported to Berlin in the early 2000’s.  Check out this live improv drum ‘n bass / breakbeat / hip hop session featuring Taylor McFerrin from Summer 2001 @ Skizum Studios in Brooklyn, NY.
During each performance our goal is to remain 100% in the present moment in a reflective, sensitive and meditative state.  We transform some feelings/moods of these times we are living in and through into an improvisational story to inspire collective action towards creating a sustainable future.
The first session of this current super hero themed trilogy took place back in 2020 and was called “Rise of The Evengers” which chronicled stories of how everyday superheroes realized their super powers and started working to make the world a better place in the lonely shadows of global pandemic.
Part 2, “Launching An Evolution,” happened in June 2022 and chronicled our heroes fighting the good fight as a part of Emergent Berlin 2022.  Now In 2023, our heroes look to find each other, create alliances and work to save to world before it’s too late…

The band…


Gregor Nicolai (bass) – It seems to fit perfectly!  I was really lucky growing up in a house with a rehearsal room and a family which was always down to jam.  Learning e-bass and drums in a early age, I started with a Reggae-Band in my teens.  In  high school I organized concerts and learned how to handle a mixer.  Since then I’m working as a sound engineer and a dj.  After school I went to a music school in Neukölln and prepared myself for the Jazz-studies.  Since 2017 I’m studying Jazz-E-Bass in Leipzig.  In 2020 we build a 9-piece Band called „Oluma“ which is combining Afrobeat, Funk, Brazilian and Jazz music.  I’m also playing in a Band called „Milonaut“, „Lacey Flea“ and „Kardamom Kollektiv“.

Gregor Nicolai


Giotto Beattz (Braintheft)

Giotto is from Dublin Ireland and has been in Berlin for some years now soaking up all the goodness and producing many different styles of bass music. Also playing live drums with Braintheft, a Berlin based live dub trio, whilst also working with Badkat on a bass heavy hip hop duet, and also producing many feature collaboration tracks in many different styles.

Giotto also produces Techno under an alias name “The Berlin Ant”.



Georges-Emmanuel Schneider (violin with dub-station)

French-Swiss violinist Georges-Emmanuel Schneider studied for eight years with the legendary violinist Ruggiero Ricci at the Mozarteum University of Salzburg, which was followed by a busy concert life as a soloist, chamber musician and ensemble player throughout Europe and worldwide. Throughout all this time Georges had showed a strong interest for contemporary and avant-garde music. Since years now as a sound artist he also deals with electronic music and searches for new ways of expression with his instrument. In 2018 he completed his expertise in this field in achieving a Max/MSP certification at the IRCAM in Paris. Georges’s violin playing is highly versatile and stands for avant-garde, jazz, free improvising, electroacoustic music, ambient, electronic beats and above all for a unique fusion sound that unites elements of all these music genres in order to create a new way of playing the violin.


Mathieu Pe (guitar, synths, horns)– aka. Matjö is a Musician, Producer and Vlogger Based in Berlin.

While often referred to as a Trumpet Player, Mathieu Pé is also playing Guitar, Bass, Keyboards and electronics.

At home in adventurous cross-over electro Bass Music Projects like Braintheft, Jazzsteppa or [trap.], his particular set of skills made him a go-to Studio and live Musician in the European Reggae Scene allowing him to work with artists like Gentleman, Kaizers Orchestra, Jahcoustix, Nosliw, Bitty McLean…just to name a few.

As a producer, Mathieu is as versatile as he is as a musician, taking advantage of his wide instrumental palette to reach any style from Ambient to Hip-Hop through Techno, Funk, Reggae, Dub, Trap, Dubstep Electro-Jazz… Since 2017 he is hosting a Music Production Vlog offering Bitwig Studio tutorials both in English and French.

Matjö (right), Genys (middle)

Genys (dub, efx, subs) is a Lithuanian born dj, producer and sound designer with Bitwig in Berlin.  On this mission Genys will serve as the dubmaster supreme for the evening applying live spacial efx to various members of the band.  If you hear some nasty sub bass in any tracks then there is a good chance its coming form here…


Hakim Azmi (keys) – Is our mysterious multi-instrumental superhero as there are no know photos of him in existence… but the resonance from his playing lingers on to this moment.  On his first 2 Immaculate Contraption missions he played keys masterfully.  As it turns out, he actually considers himself a drummer!



Chris Sergeant (guitar)

Christopher’s parents gave him a real book at two. He largely ignored it until he was in his 20s and decided it was time to study jazz. Studying jazz put him off jazz forever. He spent a while not making music. As he became involved with more and more projects across Europe, jazz and other improvised music slid back into his life like a slimy snake. This is now mostly what he does.


Scottie b (vocals)


Scottie b started the Immaculate Contraption series in New York City back in the mid 1990’s.  He started out as a Dj and dub master at Skizum Studios in the DUMBO Brooklyn waterfront loft scene.  After relocating to Berlin he evolved into an improvisational vocalist with various bands, Djs and music projects.

“I enjoy living the process of curating the catalysts and participating in the emergent alchemy that materializes out of resonant collective presence…”


Sophie Stolle (vocals)


Sarah O’Hara (vocals)


Sound Engineering – eNμ

eNμ is an electronic musician, and qualified audio technician. Her practices in arts unfold around live performances and installations, that implies self-built apparatuses, field recordings and digital audio processing. And her technical experience is diverse. She worked over 15 years for radios, tv’s, venues, clubs, bars, theatres, cinemas, film companies, galleries, record labels, festivals…

DJ Soulski  – High energy Disco Funk… all Vinyl!




Dj Business (deck 2 deck) – Hailing from Munich, DJ mndwzrd (@deck_2_deck) first started DJing at the age of 15. Over a decade later, he now owns the hip hop label Deck2Deck. Since 2018, Deck2Deck has created a weekly platform in Panke Club for established and emerging artists. His music reaches from deep bass tracks to dirty grime beats that reach into the depths of your body and mind.




DJ Genys

Matjö (right), Genys (middle)

Genys is a DJ, producer and Sound designer with Bitwig.  His styles span an almost infinite range of classic and contemporary genres, always artfully mixed…  When Genys is on the decks you can expect magic to happen…


DJ Quien – All groovy styles exquisitely mixed to perfection….

With almost 22 years of experience in the scene, the Bolivian DJ / Producer DJ Quien fuses the musical with the technical – keeping his spectators in a state of awe. Expect nothing but great selections, with the occasional explosion of his turntable tricks and deeply rooted knowledge in genres like bass, hip-hop, cumbia, and house.








MC Tobi Do


MC Do is a Berlin based artist and regularly produces great shows at Panke with several different collectives.  The master of style and smooth, expect to be joyfully engaged when Tobi picks up the mic!